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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaeljhuman 7 / 10

Light hacker fantasy

Obviously this movie is not an academy award winner. So it's going to score or not score points solely based on entertainment value.

Here's why I rate it a 7...

* The music - a great soundtrack, if you enjoy the era and genre ( Prodigy being one of the coolest bands featured) * The characters - They are all fun - especially Cereal Killer and the phone phreak guy * A pretty hot Angelina Jolie * The dialog - Some of it is pretty amusing, if you don't take the movie seriously * The overall presentation - I enjoy the signs of the time; grunge music posters, early virtual reality, etc; I enjoy the attempts at portraying what goes on inside of a computer even though it's totally wrong * I enjoy the attempt of the movie to be technical. Especially amusing is the discussion of Kate's laptop..."It has a killer refresh rate", lol; You kind of have to laugh at such things; They get some things right though. Like calling the compiler design book the Dragon book...it was named that when I was in college

Obviously weak is the portrayal of computers and hacking. As a computer professional, I can still live with it. Movies rarely get any of this stuff right, so you just put up with these things.

The plot is quite weak. But what do you expect? It suffices as a vehicle for the situations, dialog and music.

Reviewed by crash21 6 / 10

Teenage Fun, but not Hacking

You can tell this was made for teenagers simply because it involves high school scenes, and I just love how the business's administrator goes around telling him to call him by his nickname and rides a skateboard through the whole business. Then with the teenagers, when one "hacks" the school's system to set off the fire sprinklers for a girl's revenge, I can't help but laugh at the whole situation, he's got an umbrella and if the school knew who did this, it would get him a nice introduction of the police along with a very possible sue to at least pay for the damage.

I will admit, when I first saw this movie in the 90's, you could call it a favorite movie. But I have to say, when I look at it later on, I can't help but laugh at a good majority of the movie, especially the whole Hacker term. The term Hacker at least in the IT field is nothing but a computer nerd, someone who can analyze things to understand how they work. Usually doing this to customize products for their needs, or just understanding how they work out of curiosity. Apple Computer's co-founder Steve Wozniak is a classic example of a true Hacker.

Reviewed by bigbadwolf666 10 / 10

Hackers ( Review) Late Hacker

Thought of not giving this film a shot. Based on many screenshots. It looked so weird, ugly, and kinda nerdy. Jolie looked like a boy. They gave it enough times and now word hackers mean something unlike back in the day. So I saw it recently. I really liked it. My type of film. It had weird actors I like in it. The Black guy from the crow. I had thought that was his only movie. The arab guy from Short Circuit 2. Scream Actor who I've always been a fan of. Lorraine Braco from the sopranos in a sexy role. Fbi black guy whos in a lot of stuff. Most of these actors are unrecognizable in these roles. If I weren't good in films I wouldn't recognize them and in such odd but cool roles. The roles that they are typical famous for doesn't suit them in the sense that you can tell they've got talent and could do such much more. I enjoyed watching these stars in cool 90's trip films.

Now to get to the story. Though Im sure back in the day some people knew what hacking was I don't think is as relevant as it is today. Im sure this film wouldve been more successful had it been made today. Perphaps a reboot. So many cool 90's films fall victim to this like Johnny Dmnoneic. I think the matrix though hard to believe is a good example of this. It probably wouldve made more money today since even than the world wasn't as gadgety as it is today.

Don't know why Anjelina doesn't get recognize for this. She used to make such cool bad ass films in the 90's. But shes mostly recognize for the new big budget films. In this film she was almost ugly. Her character was cool and interesting. I've always enjoyed the cool trip chick that was down with tech stuff but not she looked almost like a boy. You can easily tell she got a ton of surgery and probably had to to get where she is now. But my question is was it really worth it? I much prefer her back in the day even with all her uglyiness.

So in conclusion Im glad I finally watched this now. Though I probably wouldve enjoyed it back in the day. I personally didn't get into technology way later in life. Waaayyyy Laaatttterr. So watching it now I got to understand it much better.

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