Hail Satan?



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Reviewed by kosmasp 8 / 10

Not what you think

Well unless you are already familiar with the Satanic Temple that is. I wasn't and I was quite surprised. If Satanists engage in equal rights, clean the streets of trash and do things most would consider Christian ... that is quite a surprise. Even if you are not into "Satan" (and I am not), they even give you a yin/yang balance. As in, if you have this statue put up, we want one of ours there too.

Was quite surprised to learn about a lot of things and this is quite entertaining overall (there's nudity in case that matters to you one way or the other). Now after I watched the movie someone told me that the documentary shines a light on the organisation that does not include some of their darker moments. One is included when we see a member split, but there seem to be more things. For that I guess there is the internet. Or maybe a sequel to this? Who knows

Reviewed by jascoward 8 / 10

Deal with it.

If the U.S. wants to proclaim religious freedom and then push Christianity in public, then it's only fair for the Satanists to do the same.

Reviewed by chrislawuk 9 / 10


Its a really funny documentary. I thought the premise of the movement is great. Satanists are actually atheists, the only ones that dont believe in religion. Nearly brought me to tears watching them sticking up for pluralism. Its an interesting turn, not just in documentary film makiing, but in westerm society as a whole. Satan is acknowledged in the doc as an adversary to jesus, not necessarily a bad guy lol. Maybe it should have been obvious all along, i always wondered why I liked metal and horror movies but had no time for religion.

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