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Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode
Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace
Andi Matichak as Allyson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AvionPrince16 4 / 10

A hope...... and a disillusion

Im so pissed of about that movie. What an horrible trilogy. And the last two movies was the worst that i have seen for a long time. How can this movie was approved by anyone? Do they saw the movie in 1978? Yes they saw it: a lot of flashback show that they knew the movie so what happened? Why introduced a new character that dont avoid the cliché and really the worst part is that he completely illogical ( how can someone can believe about his transformations to the evil side or whatever?) Michael is another time not seen not for a long time in the whole movie (what a shame! The movie its his conclusion right?).

In the first hours of the movie i didnt knew what movie i had paid for: a romance movie? A drama movie? Damn i didnt knew. What about Michael? What they introduced that new character? The Corey's tragedy and stuff. Why? I had the feeling during the whole movie that the directors wanted just to get rid off the franchise and to end it. What is that end? How Michael can be caught so easily like this? The whole movie dont have any sense for me at all. The most gory scene was when Michael killed the guy in the radio house. Thats really meaningless. I mean why they used so many times to elaborate a story? Thats not the principle to a slasher to make gory scenes, build tensions, have a main character to focus on? To make some places to let the set design give that chills and goosebumps? I mean the only thing that i liked is the soundtrack but thats really all for me. I loved the two first movies but after that its just the exploitation of a name and a franchise to make money and really destroy the saga in my opinion. Just look the two first movies and watch this after you will completely understand what i am talking about. The movie dont feel a slasher at all. Michael seem really not going after Laurie the whole movie; its just when Corey get in the tunnel that he will activate something in him. Stupid right? And i still didnt understand how Laurie found that Corey was supposely to be the "evil" ("by looking from his eyes" she said) how am i supposed to believe this; there is no credibility at all.

The end really make me sad: how they can rushed a movie like this? It really felt dumb: why to put Michael as an exhibition to everyone at Haddonfield? When they killed Michael with that big machine, they really destroyed everything: this movie included. I felt also the vibe of Halloween Kills: i mean bad decisions, characters completely dumb, lack of Michael Myers appearances (i thought it was the movie about Corey because we see him more than michael and thats become a problem. Its Michael franchise not Corey).

They needed to use the old slasher movie vibe and really dont put a complex story in that kind of movie: its meaningless (we know why we are here) a complete disrespect to Halloween Franchise and to the character of Michael Myers. The scary part dont work at all and the Jumpscares was really cheap. Pretty disappointed overall and this movie bring nothin new except the dead of Michael Myers but for me that part was a scandal from lazy writers and people who just wanted to sell something and not being respectful of the spirit of the movie and the genre. The movie didnt feel like an Halloween movie at all. Just the intro credits and the soundtrack theme remember us what we are watching but thats all. And i want to clarify also that yes the halloween Franchise is not known for his story to be complex,engaging and stuff but please the movie didnt feel like a slasher at all and Corey was clearly not necessary and bring just non sense with him and Michael. Even the violence is too light for that kind of movie. Michael dont give any tension and feel weak from the beginning and the fight against laurie.

Im just happy that they put an end to the franchise because they did really bad since a long time and maybe thats a good thing to put an end to this because they clearly dont know what to tell and what to make: i really felt that i watched an other movie and not an halloween. The whole trilogy of the movie are non sense and they didnt have any direction to go into and felt empty and illogical from the beginning to the end. Just have the name and the sound of Halloween thats all. Pretty sad that the franchise end like this.

We need to talk also about Laurie and that is pretty useless: she becomes a writer and we just heard what she wrotes about Michael and we feel that Michael was here only trough their words and the radio but physically was missing. Feel pretty wrong. The tension cant come trough words: we need actions and tension but instead we have a dumb Laurie who prefer to talk about Michael instead of faced him. Yes she faced him at the end but we felt that was no credibility at all: how she become so strong? Why Michael felt so weak in this movie? I cant really find any sense about that movie. So many bad choices(romance genre, Corey character, the fate of Michael, the decisions of the characters, the strangeness of the writing, the strangeness to not being able to recognize Michael.)and it will completely make disappointed the hardest fans of Michael and Halloween movies for sure. We were focus to much on unecessary things and forget Michael.

Im glad that the franchise end and that will make them stop destroying that franchise years after years and thats a good thing. I dont really know what i saw in the theatre really. Just an other horror movie with some romance, comedy, love, violence but i clearly couldnt find any similarities with the slasher genre. That movie is known to be a slasher. So why a mixed so many genre for nothing? Why they needed to make such a confusing, illogical story? Try to be more simpler than that and just create a mood, an ambience is more important in that kind of movie than a complex story with no direction at all and stop to hide Michael and bring him from the beginning until the end. I couldnt get into it.

Reviewed by whatgift 7 / 10

Finally something truly different!

From the opening scene you can tell this is not going to be like any Halloween movie before it, and as the movie goes on you wonder if this is part of the same trilogy, considering how different it feels.

That's not a bad thing though - this finally treads new ground in the series that has been around for over 40 years, and you truly don't know how it's going to play out over the course of its runtime. It's nice to see a Halloween movie that isn't just a set up for most of the characters to be murdered - while there is still some of that here it's not the focus.

While the story is compelling and the acting excellent, the direction feels...off. It's like an inexperienced film student has put it together, such is the random execution of the scenes and story, and some of the characters actions just don't ring true as a result.

When the ending comes around it's done well and is very visceral, but it feels somewhat of an anticlimax after the journey we've gone through in this movie alone, to say nothing about all the movies that came before it.

While this is easily the best of this new trilogy, it's a shame it couldn't have been executed better, but it is a somewhat satisfying end to this chapter in the Halloween saga.

Reviewed by ipxexor 2 / 10

How could you?

The amateur team around David Gordon Green manages to literally bring a 40-year horror legend to an END.

WTF did I just see? Michael Myers is reduced to being a total joke who lives in the sewers and is barely strong enough to stand.

The male lead can hardly be surpassed in terms of ridiculousness and can neither portray the pitiful outcast nor the psychopath (out of nowhere) believably.

According to Halloween 2018, Laurie Strode has been preparing for 40 years to kill Michael and then, just before the climax, decides to become a dear granny who leads a nice life in a clean suburban cottage.

Her granddaughter behaves like a rebellious teenager and sinks into an equally ridiculous and totally unnecessary love story, which is completely misplaced.

I could go on writing like this forever and I want 2 hours of my lifetime back!

One huge disappointment for any Halloween fan. You feel like you're in a twilight movie starring Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

After 30 minutes I wished to leave the film, but I thought that couldn't be meant seriously and that things would really get going. That didn't happen and ended in such a ridiculous finale as it could not have been written worse and more boring. Are you kidding me Congratulations David, you managed to make the worst Halloween movie ever and make a legend laugh out loud.

I wonder how it can happen that the audience is expected to do something like that.

Where were the countless eyes that could have prevented this story from being even remotely considered or a film like this from being unleashed on fans and cinemas? Why? I can't believe and I'm terrified that this person was assigned to do the remake of The Exorcist.

In summary: a ridiculous story, bad actors, dialogues from hell, disfigurement of a legend of the cinema world, miserable writing, 0 percent fan service and the urge to leave the hall after 30 minutes. There was no one in the screening who remotely liked the film. 100 disappointed faces when the light went on. Shame on your head blumhouse, David Gordon Green, even Carpenter for allowing this to happen.

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