Halloween H20: 20 Years Later


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode / Keri Tate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sterlinrivera-2000 8 / 10

The TRUE Ending to the Series

Halloween H20 was, in my opinion, the third film in the franchise and the true final film for the Halloween saga.

Halloween H20 is about Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is a teacher at a private school. She finds out that her infamous killer, Michael Myers is out to get her once again as he knows her whereabouts. It is now time for Laurie to put an end to his murdering spree and save her peaceful community.

Halloween H20 was a great film, and I believe it's the last Halloween film because *SPOILERS* Michael Myers gets his head cut off from Laurie. That ending was not only great, but it was such an amazing way to close the books on Halloween. We needed nothing else after this, but then again, we still got some.

I felt Jamie Lee was just as great here like she was in the first two, and the rest of the cast along with her was phenomenal. LL Cool J and Joseph Gordon Levitt, for instance, were both pretty good.

The story wasn't as appealing as Halloween 1 & 2's, but I still felt it had great closure and was a great war to wrap things up. The pacing can be a tad slow at tomes, but wasn't extremely bad.

All in all, Halloween H20 was the last great film in the series and is the true conclusion to Halloween.

Reviewed by greglanford 10 / 10

Best sequel in the series. BY FAR!

The best story, best cast (it's not even close), best ending, etc etc.

Top movies of the franchise: H20, Halloween (1978), Halloween 4

Worst movies of the franchise: Halloween 2 (1981), Season of the Witch, and Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.

Reviewed by hnney-44090 10 / 10

Best Halloween sequel to date !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's great that Jamie Lee Curtis pitched an idea to John Carpenter about bringing her character back. And that her character story wasn't finished yet. It great how Jamie's character has a new life and she's the now a headmistress of a secluded private school. It was shocking to find that she had a son, which was never mentioned in any of the previous Halloween sequels. It's great how Steve Miner, the director for having all the homages from other movies in that film. Like with Janet Leigh driving a car that resembles the Psycho car. And the music from Scream being noticeable in certain scenes. Moustapha Akkad could of gave John Carpenter the $10 million to direct the film but that didn't go so well.

It would be great if they make a special edition Blu-ray of Halloween H20 including the deleted scenes also the interviews from the cast and the crew. It's great how this Halloween resembles the original. The way how the movie went was so classic and great for 90's horror flick. This was a necessary Halloween entry, after Halloween 6 cliffhanger in both versions. Now, Jamie's character is an alcoholic who is living with the guilt from the past. It's hard for to to be a teacher and headmistress while having stress that your brother murder a bunch of people. And her son tries to help her cope everyday with her past. I wish some of the of the death scenes were included.

Many people don't like this Halloween and need to realize this film was suppose to reinvent the series. And let people know that Laurie didn't die in know car accident. This was mentioned in Halloween 4, that Laurie and her husband also Little John had died in the accident. That Jamie was the only one that survived it. What's surprising is that John has a different that's not in his life. And doesn't know that his biological father died in an car accident years prior to this happening.

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