Hannibal Brooks


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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 85%
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James Donald as Padre
John Alderton as Bernard
Oliver Reed as Stephen 'Hannibal' Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Something different

Something very different from Michael Winner, one of the directors best known for sleaze, violence and bad taste. This one's a far gentler comedy adventure in which a well-cast Oliver Reed plays a zoo keeper who decides to escape the Nazis with his elephant Lucy in tow. It's an unusual film for sure but one which plays out very nicely. Reed gives a fine physical performance, one of my favourites of his, and the Alpine scenery is breathtaking throughout. There's a constant stream of humour and action along with plenty of surprises. A real 'feel good' film from a director not known for them.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 7 / 10

Ironic choice of a name for the hero.

This is one of the most like hearted and best performances of veteran actor Oliver Reed, coming off of villain role in "Oliver!" and preparing for a few ventures down the Ken Russell train of movie madness. He's a British prisoner of war who along with American Michael J. Pollard is sent to work at a German zoo closed to the public, where he befriends the elephant Lucy and equally trains her to work. When the zoo is all of a sudden Bombs, all of the animals are put onto a train, heading to Austria, but after some battles with the Nazis, Reed, Pollard and a few Germans who aren't quite Nazis decide to head to Switzerland. But it's a long way to the border, and with the Nazis on their trail, it's a difficult task to achieve.

Two popular genres of movies in the 1960's were animal films and action-filled WWII dramas that showed various missions, and this combines both. It's not really a comedy although it does have some very light-hearted scenes, and of course, Lucy is adorable. I've seen many films with Oliver Reed, and this is him at his most likeable. Even when not a villain, he's often violent anti-hero and in this film, he is completely likable, even when firing artillery at the Nazis or confronting a German officer on a bridge and refusing to back the elephant up so the car can move forward. I half expected him to reply to the German officer's request with a famous Jimmy Durante line, 'What elephant?"

There are a few amusing moments where Lucy helps Reed move logs, getting an alternative version to the saying "As easy as falling off a lot." The outdoor mountainous photography is gorgeous, and there's also an incident with a train going off its track that is quite dramatic. This is a very well-made movie directed by Michael Winner, and perfect family fare in addition to a history lessons to get younger audiences in history based movies even if they are fictional. It's also a nice twist that some of the German soldiers do offer support to the allies, and as they head into the mountains, it really does become like the original Hannibal getting across Europe with the help of his Pachyderm assistants.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 4 / 10

Advertised as a vehicle for budding star Michael J. Pollard, this is definitely the elephant's hour

WWII story with a light touch has Hannibal Brooks, a British POW in Germany, volunteering to care for one of the zoo animals left vulnerable by the bombing; he's assigned Lucy, an Asian elephant. After the zoo is destroyed by fire, Brooks, a female cook and two German soldiers are instructed to accompany Lucy across the Swiss border--a journey which will also provide crafty Brooks with the opportunity to escape. Something different from director Michael Winner, known at that time for his 'mod' British dramas (although the colorful stories told about Winner during production show that the filmmaker had not misplaced his bad boy persona). The screenplay by Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement, based on a story by Winner and Tom Wright, has some basis in fact, and yet it's a very patchy film. The cinematography and scoring are lovely, and Oliver Reed as Brooks gives a charmingly unforced performance, but the third act with American escapee Michael J. Pollard helping Reed defeat the Nazis is wearing. Pollard was riding high on the success of "Bonnie and Clyde" two years before, but he's clearly not the star here, nor is Reed. It takes a delightful pachyderm to upstage these wily men, not to mention the entire German army. ** from ****

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