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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattiasflgrtll6 9 / 10

I'm pregnant? Sacre bleu!

Anne is a top student in her class and has a promising life ahead of her... until she gets pregnant after a one-night stand at a party.

Taking place in the 60's, it depicts the story of a girl who's forced to make a very tough decision in a time where you didn't have the freedom to choose. Audrey Diwan does a great job of depicting the social stigma and incredible secrecy Anne is forced to suffer through, just because she doesn't want to let a baby dictate her life. You feel very sad for her situation and root for her to find a way out before it's too late, hopefully without any serious repercussions. The disillusionment she receives from her doctor and friends is upsetting to watch, not to mention she can't even tell her mom (Whose strict parenting is hinted at when she slaps Anne for making a "smartass" comment).

The more weeks that pass by, the more stressed you get. There is a sense of relief when she finally gets to the backalley abortion clinic after raising the money, even though you clench your teeth watching the painful procedure take place.

But as it turns out, it doesn't work and she has to do it all over again. Ouch. Poor Anne. This time her pains afterwards are much worse, to the point where she collapses after the fetus drops out. At least this time someone close by is willing to help out instead of judging her.

As mentioned before in dialogue, she will go to prison if she gets written in for having had an abortion instead of miscarriage. Thankfully the doctor writes down the latter instead.

At the end when she is finally able to resume focus on her studies and potentially ace her exams, the air in your lungs returns at last.

A gripping experience that leaves you with a lot to think about.

Reviewed by paulabaolin 6 / 10

Leave this film with a feeling of unease

This film is about the horrors of abortion or the lack of possibility to have one. "I want to have a child later, but I don't want a child instead of the life" the film heroine states at one of her doctors appointments. But being a young woman in the 60s meant exactly that- you could forget a free life and career if you became pregnant. The film told the story very close to the main character, tight cinematography. This is good for intimacy and really increases the horrors of her several attempts at aborting the fetus. At the same time I feel like the film misses a bit out on showing us the world around her, it's not a queens gambit like costume piece... if it weren't for the old cars it could have also been set in the 90s/2000s in terms of costumes and styling I feel. But that's also what gives the story a lot of actuality because it makes you think directly of the horrible situations woman go through today in countries where abortion is forbidden.

I left the film with a feeling of uneasiness and needed to take a hot shower at home.

Good acting in general, nudity without voyeurism which I greatly appreciated.

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