Happy Ghost 4

1990 [CN]

Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crossbow0106 6 / 10

Moe Mayhem

This is the fourth installment in the series in which the attention slips away from the classroom to ghosts and Kwai's (Raymond Wong) relationship with Annie (the pretty Pauline Yeung). Annie's cousin (Charlie Tso) is also vying for Annie's affections and Kwai is constantly looking foolish in front of him. Eventually, the cousin tries to have Kwai killed by the Happy Ghost (also Raymond Wong) helps him. Also, a boy band of four named Beyond (think New Kids On The Block or the Jonas Brothers, with four people) are students here, probably to make this a teen date flick. The girls, including Fennie Yuen and Loletta Lee, are barely in this film. Things happen, some of it amusing, but I would guess at the time this film was at least partially made with an eye towards elevating the group Beyond. If you've watched the first three Happy Ghost films, watch this. It has its moments and its not boring. The special effects are pretty good. Not essential otherwise, but it passes the time.

Reviewed by OllieSuave-007 8 / 10

Happy Ghost and the Boy Band.

This is the third sequel to The Happy Ghost, where a group of college guys (portrayed by Hong Kong boy band Beyond) discovers the remains of an ancient evil warlord from an old cave and brings it to their dormitory, which ultimately awakens the warlord's ghost. It is seeking to avenge the woman responsible for his death many years ago, who has since reincarnated as college professor Hong Sam Kwai's (Raymond Wong) girlfriend, Annie (Pauline Yeung). With Kwai and Annie endangered, Kwai's reincarnated spirit, Stewart Pik, tries to save them.

This movie has a pretty fast-paced plot and cool special effects. It is has more menacing ghost action, as evident in the demon Kwan Yeung (Shun Lau). While the previous film has a ghost trying to make Kwai's life crazy, this film's ghost is actually life-threatening to Kwai, which gives the story added suspense and intrigue. The subplot of Kwai and Annie's rocky relationship and Stewart Pik's invisible peacock feather is also pretty entertaining.

The addition of the Boy Band Beyond gives this movie more of a teenage-flick flavor, especially in the parts where they sing songs to woo four college girls (in cameo roles portrayed by Fennie Yuen, May Lo, Charine Chan and Loletta Lee). I thought this was a little out of place for the trilogy, but it was nice seeing the cameo appearances of the girls, although, I wished they had larger roles in the film.

Overall, it's a pretty nice and fun film - not as nostalgic or carefree as the previous films, but entertaining enough to pass the time.

Grade B

Reviewed by gorytus-20672 8 / 10

Happy Ghost IV...2nd best in the series

Aug 21

Happy Ghost IV is the second best in this series of 5 films, i just slightly prefer number 3.

These are ghost comedy family films starring Raymond Wong, plenty of laughs to be had.

This one borrows a scene from Haunted Honeymoon as well as A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Lau Shun plays a great part.

8.5 out of 10.

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