Harmony in Paradise



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Vivica A. Fox as Madelyn
Brian Krause as Timothy
Liliana Tandon as Amelia
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Reviewed by toncincin 3 / 10

Bad ...

This movie is just plain bad. The acting is terrible. The story is stupid. Not impressed at all. Just bad. This is the second movie I've seen with the lead actress - and also writer. She really needs to give up both. I guess someone must like het since she's made two absolute bombs. At least her other movie had a couple of name actors. This one - ZILCH. Just bad story, bad acting - but the scenery was nice.. Don't waste your time on this one ...

Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 / 10

Definitely not good

But I wouldn't put it in the really bad category.

The acting is fair and maybe poor in some cases. There is little of no chemistry between Thony Mena and Liliana Tandon. I didn't realize until I read another review than Tandon not only starred and wrote this, but also her previous Hallmark-like movie. In the other movie, I said she was trying too hard. I didn't really see as much of that here, but she still isn't quite as smooth as actors with more experience in this type of movie.

The story is just as rough. For starters this is a common trope with a writer on assignment who has to prove herself. She gets involved with the man at the center of the story. And some wrench is thrown in to disrupt her story. But it is not just that it is a common formula, but there are little things that don't make sense. With one major exception (see below), the dialogue is flat, when there is dialogue. I lost count of musical sequences with no dialogue including the climax.

Despite all this I didn't find myself always grinding my teeth in frustration or itching to fast forward. Maybe some, but not entirely.

There is a narrative of some of Amelia's writing near the end which turns out to be educational. I found it interesting. A lot of times I'm turned off by the wordiness this entails, but not this time. Also I liked the Amazon joke.

Reviewed by bridgetteterri 2 / 10

Just no.

Insanity-inducing bore of a movie. Good gravy what a trainwreck of a "lead" actress. Cannot act. Annoying and condescending character. Struggled to get through the first half hour and well, I have far better ways to spend my time.

Waste your time at your own risk.

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