Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


Action / Adventure / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 178199


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Ryan Reynolds as Male Nurse
Ethan Embry as Billy Carver
Malin Akerman as Liane
David Krumholtz as Goldstein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amonmail-43465 9 / 10


For such a seemingly low-budget movie, this was surprisingly funny and entertaining, and it never bored me or gave me doubts.

Reviewed by ahmedfaisalmakaveli 7 / 10

It is up there with 'SuperBad'

What intrigued me to check out this movie was the 2 leading actors,as small as their roles were in American Pie and Van Wilder, they really were likable and funny. The duo really delivered in this one, this is the kind of movie you can chill and have fun watching at night when you just had a bad day.A lot of unexpected cameo appearances were pleasant as well.This movie deserve more praise as it is in my opinion one the best comedies made ever.

Reviewed by david-sarkies 3 / 10

Maybe I'm too old for this

A part of me wonders whether the 'Stoner Movie' has reached its used by date. Well, maybe they have, maybe they haven't, or maybe this was just one of the really bad ones. Okay, you did have the classic Stoner Movies of the 80s and 90s, including Bill and Teds (which, while they are clearly stoners, doesn't have them smoking drugs), and these days you have copious amounts of marijuana appearing on our screens, but the whole concept of a couple of drug users going on a trek to get some food can be a little dull – and this is basically what this movie is about: two stoners go on a quest to get some food.

Honestly, I'm not too thrilled about this film, especially with the characters. Sure, Harold was okay, but his so called best friend, Kumar, is one of those guys that is clearly a bad influence. It is almost as if we want to slap Harold about the face, tell him to snap out of it, and to actually go and find some decent friends. Sure, while it is the case that business people do take drugs, Harold really didn't come across as one of those drug user types. In fact it seemed as if he was completely out of place, and completely out of character.

The other thing about this film is that it is one of those T&A movies (and I'll let you work out for yourself what that means since IMDb does have a word filter on it). Sure, I've seen plenty of those types of films in my time, but in reality there really isn't all that much to be said about the excess exposure of flesh in some of these films. Also, the film was so predictable, which added to its blandness. In a sense, while it was a low budget film, it really wasn't one of these films that I would recommend going out of your way to see because it isn't entertaining, it isn't funny, and it really isn't all that enjoyable.

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