Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
IMDb Rating 8.1 10 733451


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Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort
Domhnall Gleeson as Bill Weasley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pjtaylor-96-138044 8 / 10

The series ends on a very strong note.

The conclusion to the series hits some of the strongest emotional beats, mainly due to our long-standing connection with the characters, and provides some grand visual treats in the form of extended magical battles. While 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)' may be the biggest in scale and it is entertaining, it does feel lacking in depth - since some things are left oddly unexplained - and instead comes across as an extended third act for its duration. It actually plays out like one long climax, with little of the build-up required to further invest the audience, but at least it's well paced and doesn't hang about. A strong note on which to end a phenomenal series. 8/10

Reviewed by akash_sebastian 7 / 10

Good Movie, But a Disappointing & Unsatisfying End to the series...

Overall, it may be said that the movie was good. The direction, cinematography & the special effects were brilliantly executed. The acting was good too. The children have grown so much.

But, this isn't the way The Harry Potter saga was meant to end. A movie which is supposed to mark the End of an Era could have been much better. With the expectations I had, I was a little disappointed. It DID NOT have the depth and the emotional impact WASN'T nearly as good as the book.

I was pleased with Part 1 because it stuck very well to the book. That's what I was expecting with this too. But no... they had to spoil it. What's the use of making the movie in two parts if they can't do justice to the book? They should have made it a Trilogy (as all great movies are made, like 'The Godfather Trilogy', 'The LOTR Trilogy', original 'Star Wars Trilogy', The Bourne Trilogy', etc.) or they should have increased the length of the 2 parts. Who forced them to fit the whole thing within 2hrs.15mins. each. ??(Every part of LOTR is over 3&1/2 hrs. long. No one had an issue with it). . *



  • Snape's and Voldemort's characters were played quite well.

  • Throughout the series, Snape has been rather emotionless and monotonous. But, in the pensieve, we see a refreshingly new emotional side of him.

  • Gringott's scene was nicely shown.

  • They added the scene where Hermione & Ron destroy Hufflepuff's cup.

  • They show the future (19 years later) scene. I thought it would be cut.

THE BAD : (I have to mention these because I was disappointed as hell)

  • My Biggest Disappointment - Snape's Memories. They showed the whole thing within a minute. They're some of the most interesting & touching scenes of the story. They just rushed through it, even excluding many of the memories.

  • Fred's death. They don't even show it. Then later it was ridiculous to see Mrs. Weasley angry at Bellatrix when the latter was fighting Ginny.

  • The battle was too short and didn't the magnitude and impact as in the book, with Centaurs, Goblins/Kreecher, Hagrid/Spiders, Ghosts, etc.

  • They don't show the Common Rooms. I always imagined it while reading the books. But I badly wanted to see them in the movie.

  • They don't show Harry using the Cruciatus Curse on the one of the Carrows.

  • They wasted time in Nagini's chase.

  • They don't mention about Teddy Lupin and that Harry was his Godfather. They don't mention the names of Harry's other two kids.

  • No mention about the significance of the horcruxes.

  • No mention of Bloody Baron and his link with Ravenclaw's diadem.

  • No mention about how the Invisibility Cloak came into the possession of the Potters, how Harry and Voldemort are related through the Peverell brothers.

  • They don't show how Dumbledore communicated with Snape after he died.

  • Harry doesn't even mend is wand. He directly snaps the Elder Wand into two pieces...

  • In the future scene, all the funny and cheerful dialogues are excluded. Everyone's just smiling and staring at each other. And moreover, none of the them seemed in their late thirties. Didn't the film-makers have enough money to hire good make-up artists.


  • Dumbledore's Story. He's my most favourite character in the book. There's nothing about him in the movie. They just say he had secrets (what secrets??). They don't even tell the story of Dumbledore sister, Ariana. They don't show him getting emotional at King's Cross.

  • The use of ridiculous one-liners and humourless jokes when the situation is so intense and sad.

  • Harry & Voldemort had their final fight in the middle of nowhere. No one was even around to watch it. (In the book, they were in the middle of the whole crowd.)

  • Bellatrix and Voldemort die bursting into confetti!

ALL IN ALL, it wasn't the send-off the series deserved. Someone who has grown up reading the books and watching the movies in the series will understand my woes...

Reviewed by vinty_j 2 / 10

I felt unsatisfied and cheated . . this is not for which we waited for 10 years

I gotta chance to see this movie in 2D (Luckily) since i read the reviews of the 3D being bad . . but after seeing the movie even in 2D and witnessing the end of such an Enormous Mega Series . . i felt this was a very very disappointing end . . the HP Fans Have Been Robbed off their immense trust and money in seeing some modified illogical end to the story ..than what everyone had pictured in the mind after reading the Final Book of deathly hallows

(SPOILERS) HP Deathly hallows part 2 was very shallow. I was surprised that some REALLY special scenes from the book were excluded (robbed) off from the movie and instead they added their own new scenes which really didn't fit into any plot that was being brought up since 1st movie . .

1)PLOT Mr. Yates . . i think the sole purpose of breaking this last movie in two parts was to do justice to the plot and build to an ultimate finale . what happened ?? I saw this movie with my sister who prefers to watch harry potter movies rather than reading the books . . so here i asked her a few questions after the movie

Q:-How did harry survive after Voldemort killed him in the forest ? A:-I didn't understand

Q:- How did Dumbledore help harry understand the mystery behind hallows? A:-i didn't understand . . he never mentioned about hallows in Harry's dream

Q:-Who died George or Fred ? A:- They didn't mention it

Q:- How did Percy come to fight ? A:- i don't know ..

Q:- What happened to death eaters ? A:- I don't know may be they ran out of fear

Q:- Why did Elder wand didn't work for Voldemort ? A:- couldn't understand

Q:- Who killed Nagini ? A:- Ron Hermione and Neville

Q:- WHere were all the Hogwarts teachers ? A:- I guess fighting . . i saw them only once in a scene

Q:- How did u feel after harry defeated Voldemort ? A:- Nothing special. . they didn;t show any Victory shouts or glory

This clearly shows immense loopholes in the plot that Mr. Yates tried to explain in his own way . . but really it didn't work well

2) The Final Battle -

It doesn't take place in front of everyone in the Hall . . In the book the whole magical fraternity witness the Epic Moment Harry and Voldemort in the centre circling each other and harry finally coming to terms and calling Voldemort . . Tom Yes I Dare . . Where The Hell Was This Scene? . . Death Eaters and Hogwarts Teachers . . Students . . Ron Hermione Neville Luna. . Kreachers army . . every one see Harry and Voldemort circling each other and Harry telling Voldemort . . I have knowledge of magic and a weapon more powerful than yours. . that wands choose their masters on their own. . that Snape was never yours he was Dumbledore's

Nothing of this is in the movie . .Very Disappointing. .all that happens is harry and voldemort fight outside the castle and Voldemort curse backfires,and he turns into smoke . .what nonsense

3)Dumbledore's Scene

Dumbledore doesn't explain why harry doesn't die after Voldemort killed him . .this is where the whole plot and mystery of entire Potter Series is to be explained . . the elder wand killed only the Horcrux inside harry and how Harry's blood still runs in the veins of Voldemort and so he'll be able to return back

Dumbledore doesn't explain how he was destined only for the elder wand because he was meant to tame it . He doesn't explain at all why only Harry was worthy to posses all the three deathly hallows . . because he is not scared of death . . instead accept it as a friend . . and becoming a true master of death. Giving movie the title The Deathly Hallows . . ask yourself truly what did they do in the movie ? . . Nothing

4) Lack Of Emotion and Glory

The Trailers say very bright and Loud 'THE Epic Battle' . . ask anyone who saw the movie 'Did it actually feel that epic ??? Did they feel for the characters during the movie ? In the book . . everyone run towards Harry . . Ron and Hermione lift him up they hug him . . there are cheers and cries of Victory . . Glory.. Harry Ron and Hermione go into Headmaster's Office . .where they are welcomed with a standing ovation of Victory . . An Epic Feeling that something huge has finally ended . .

In the movie . . you don't feel anything . .Harry just walks by in the hall and no one looks at him until Ron and Hermione . . Then he takes them to the bridge and tells them about the Elder Wand and breaks it . .Ha Ha Ha. . Come on Mr.Yates

5) Background Music

Imagine huge action scenes without a thrilling background music. . neither rejoicing nor scary . . That is not how you make things EPIC.I think the music given to the trailers was really perfect . . it set theme for the final battle . .it was no where in the movie

Over all i think the movie could had been done a lot better if some plots would had been explained properly .

For those who haven't read the book . . its a Visual Treat

For those who have read the books . . this is Severe Disappointment for their favourite series to end this way . .

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