Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 451035


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Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange
Maggie Smith as Professor Minerva McGonagall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheREALBunneh 8 / 10

Mixed thoughts

The reason I gave this an 8 is because it is truly a sensational film, the best yet out of the whole franchise. The acting is milestones ahead of what it has been in previous HP films (especially from Emma Watson), the storyline and characters are much more layered and 3D, the sets and special effects are breathtaking, and the score is absolutely gorgeous. As a stand-alone film, I would happily give this a 10.

BUT, of course, it is not a stand-alone film - it is the follow up of many other films, and is also based on a book so rich and layered that it could not possibly compete. While this is (IMO) the best film so far, it is also the most unlike the book, and if you know the book and what follows in the Deathly Hallows, you can't help but notice gaping holes in the plot where crucial information has been left out. This film features only 2 of Dumbledore's collected memories - the book shows quite a few more, some of which are important in Harry's hunt for the horcruxes and may have to be dumped somewhere unfitting in the next two films, just to get them out the way (for example, the memory featuring Hepsibar Smith and Hufflepuff's cup). Also, fans of the book will no doubt notice that some of their favourite scenes have been taken out: the funeral at the end, the aftermath of the final Quidditch match (the involvement of Quidditch in this film was entertaining, but seemed pointless as it lead to nothing), and most importantly the battle at Hogwarts between the Death Eaters and The Order/Dumbledore's Army. What I'm trying to say is, if you have not read the book you will probably be able to enjoy this film for the beautiful and intense piece of work it really is - but unfortunately, if you have read the book then the comparisons will come flying at you from the very start, whether you like it or not, and there are definitely more here than there have been in previous instalments.

Half-Blood Prince is definitely the darkest of the books, and this has proved to be the darkest film - the ever present sense of tension or even impending doom is hair-raising, and every scene featuring Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) had me almost breathless, even if he does look about 30 now. He is definitely one of the best actors of the HP films. There are also some painfully tear jerking moments throughout: including a surprise attack on the Burrow, which was heartbreaking, and the scene in the cave where Harry has to force the liquid down Dumbledore's throat - that is the first time, in any film since he started, that I've really appreciated Michael Gambon as Dumbledore, which I imagine will be the same for many of you.

In short, definitely a must see - but book fans must accept that the films have taken their own turn now, and I imagine that the changes in this one will lead to some very major differences in the two Deathly Hallows instalments. The films could never be the masterpieces that the books are, but this one sure comes close.

...mischief managed.

Reviewed by singingamy09 7 / 10

Are you freaking kidding me!!?

I have been counting down the days since they moved this movie from its original release date. As the characters have grown older, the story line gets better, and I was hoping the same would go for the sixth movie. However, I am still completely confused about the decisions made for this movie. The movie is two and a half hours of ridiculousness. Yes, it has fantastic effects, and humor about the raging hormones, but who cares if the integrity of the story is completely diminished. Let's make a list of everything they cut out:

1. The introduction of the new Minister of Magic and all that happens between him and Harry.

2. Dumbledore coming to the Dursley's house to give them a piece of his mind.

3. Harry, Ron and Hermione seeing Draco in the dress shop, and Harry getting his first idea that Draco had been branded into the Death Eaters.

4. The invisibility cloak was absent in almost every important scene besides the train.

5. Slughorn's parties (the first of which that was on the train when Ginny gets her first invite.)

6. Tonks finding Harry on the train.

7. Tonks and Lupin's relationship

8. Several key memories that help Harry find the horcruxes in the 7th book. Also the awkward arguments between Dumbledore and Harry about Dumbledore's whereabouts and what happened to his hand.

9. Hagrid and Thwarp

10. Harry finding out that everything that Sirius owned now belongs to him (including the house that serves as the hiding place in the 7th book)

11. Several of the Quidditch matches and how Harry ends up in trouble and has to miss the final match. THIS is when Harry and Ginny have their first kiss when she becomes the seeker for the team and helps the team win.

12. Harry and Ginny's relationship

13.Fleur and Bill's engagement, and are completely absent in the movie.

13. Madam Rosmerta's role

14. Moaning Myrtle's role

15. THE FIGHT IN THE CASTLE!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! The best part of the book and they cut it out. They deserved to be fired in my opinion. How could Rowling sign off on them doing this!?

16. Dumbledore's funeral

17. Harry telling Ginny he could no longer see her...they couldn't have this scene considering they never showed them to be in a relationship.

I'm sure there is a lot more, but you get the idea. All of these scenes were cut to add those that never even happened in the book. If you are an actual fan of the book, be prepared to be disappointed. If you haven't read the book, I'm sure it'll be great.

Reviewed by morganstephens512 5 / 10

Barely better than number 5

This by a very close margin is the second worst of the entire Harry Potter Saga. It is a shame that the series which had started off at such a strong point started to go down so badly after the 4th installment. Of course the effects and acting are always improving, but the story is sort of a back stage now it feels like to impressive effects. Not only that but it is way too big of a task to try and adapt a book that is over half a thousand pages into a two and a half hour movie. I can get that, but it is still very hard to handle a bit of the time. Not only that but the death scene at the end of the movie is just not really all that investing when it should have been the best death scene in the series.

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