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IMDb Rating 6.8 10 930

coming of age family relationships family conflict gymnastics body horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 10 / 10

Every end is a new beginning

I am critical of a person I only see smiling - especially when it is clear it is done for the camera. Even more suspicious when the whole family is involved to be or become huge influencers. There are many things hidden here or touched upon. The relationship mother/daughter is the main thing. Not just the obvious one - although I am not sure I knew the gender of the other "kid" when it first appeared.

That being said, this is horror, but in a pure form - while it does mix elements of creature and body horror into the whole process. A really well done movie that is able to avoid cliches (mostly) and be unique in its telling of how not to parent. You may not dislike the father for example, but he is not a good parent or should not be viewed as such.

The acting is incredible, the special effects are great too. The movie delivers on its promise and premise. While I do not talk about plot, I think no one goes in blind to see this one. The poster alone was quite revealing - still there are so many surprises that await you on the journey ... it is a delight. Overbearing love can be suffocating ... no affection can result into a void that needs to be filled ... there is no explanation for the supernatural element of the movie. But we don't need one ... not everything has to make sense. Free your mind of that notion, suspend your disbelief and just go with the flow.

Reviewed by writejake 9 / 10

Incredible Twisted Body Horror Fairy Tale with So Much Heart

Best movie I've seen at Sundance so far!

Without giving much away, the story details the experiences of a 12 year old girl (Trinja) dealing with an emotionally manipulative mother projecting her own dreams onto her child. In the perfect blog worth life Trinja must inhabit she has to put down and discard all her emotions and feelings to please her mom.

Everything changes when she discovers the egg and finally finds a place for these feelings. What follows from there is a truly scary story with more heart than anything I may have ever seen.

The metaphors and messages are never heavy handed but stay rooted in this incredible horror story. The director here isn't using horror to convey her message but making an amazing horror movie and then letting the viewer unpack the symbolism of each scene for themselves. It might be a truly flawless movie that I can't wait for the world to see it. It juggles the scary and disturbing between the sweet and tender in a way that must be seen to be believed.

See this movie when and however you can!

Reviewed by h79423 7 / 10

The Is a Wet Puppet and I Know That's the Important Part for Certain Audience

... and it's actually an excellent wet puppet at that.

But the film is about more than that. It does have a very topical theme as we have been learning more and more about how manipulative social media can be and how depressing seeing the seemingly perfect lives of others can be. Well, the calculated image the family is forced to maintain by the domineering matriarch might not reflect reality, or from another point of view, living a public life brings it's own burdens.

In the first act we see the mother maintaining the branding she has cultivated for the family on her blog. While shooting more material, a blackbird smashes into the room and causes plenty of chaos before Tinja, our main character, manages to catch it. While Tinja would like to set the bird free, mother just kills it instead and instructs Tinja to get rid of it. Next night, Tinja hears the cawing of the bird, which hadn't died after all and managed to get out of the compost bin. Tinja tries to help it, but can't, so she ends up mercy killing it. To her dismay, she finds an egg in a nest, which she decides to care for. As it happens, it's not just a normal egg. It begins to grow at an amazing speed before hatching into something that breaks Tinja's routine and is the cause for much mayhem.

Nothing here is subtle. You can see the ending coming miles away, but at the same time, this is a topic that needs to be talked about in the media and horror is often the right medium for discussing complicated subjects like this.

The movie feels more like an opening argument than a discussion, but it also manages to not be as simplistic as it might seem early on. The parents are more complex than expected based on the first act. Not much, mind you, but there is more going on than first meets the eye.

I'm not sure the movie quite hits the tone it wishes. There are some fairly comedic scenes, but I'm not sure the levity works in favor of the overall goals of the movie. Also, Tinja doesn't get much of a chance to be funny, so in this sense she feels somewhat out of place in her family.

Overall, I did like it, but I also felt that there is some amount of wasted potential. But the puppet is very cool.

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