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Jane Seymour as Jane Caldwell
Danny DeVito as Frank Stedman
Judge Reinhold as Jack Issel
Wallace Shawn as Mike Hoover
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz 7 / 10

Not the movie to watch if you are desperately job searching.

Talk about How to succeed In Business Without really dying! There have been films about big business ever since the silent era, with films like "The Crowd", "Skyscraper Souls", "The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit", "The Apartment" and "Nine to Five" classic examples that alongside modern films like "Up in the Air" and "Big Business" so many of the hypocrisies and immoralities of the working world where people just want to make a living but find themselves becoming cutthroat and neurotic and in the case of this movie, suicidal.

There are two deaths within the first half hour, one from high blood pressure that explodes his heart, and another a suicide dive that executives look on as if a bug has just gotten squashed on the window. The new guy, Judge Reinhold, is a senator's son whom everyone assumes got the job through nepotism, basically tossed around from one executive to another to be trained, and basically he is succeeding without really trying, although I guess you do have to try to succeed at cheating.

The sign that someone is getting fired simply comes by the moving men removing furniture, but what they forget to do is make sure that skyscraper windows are locked or made with unbreakable glass or plastic. Reinhold is joined by famous comic actors of the time including Danny DeVito, once the golden boy, and now a brass target, and Rick Moranis as a frayed nerve one pad of butter from becoming decorations on a slab.

Eddie Albert is the big wig, Jane Seymour a power hungry kiss up (only to the right people), and Wallace Shawn as an executive who has found out that he has limited time to live, determined to go out still fighting in the corporate world. Lori-Nan Engler plays an environmental protester whom Reinhold befriends.

None of these people are really likable, and I certainly wouldn't want to work for any of them, and that's probably why this has fallen into obscurity because it shows a weakness in society that attempts to manipulate people into thinking of power as strength. Executives who have strong religious convictions here proved to be the biggest hypocrites and that creates some wonderful funny ironic moments. While it is completely over the top and even absurd (nobody could be this cool and not end up with the "Who shot J. R.?" plot twist), there is a great deal of truth in the statements that it makes, and coming from Hollywood (probably the most ruthless of all businesses), this attempts to teach lessons that the viewers may think about for a minute but forget about when they walk into their office the next day.

Reviewed by rmax304823 4 / 10

Defines "In Your Face."

It's a satire about big business. Judge Reinhold is a senator's son, hired by a mega-corporation owned by Eddy Albert. Albert's daughter natters Reinhold, who is head of the Complaints Department, about saving the plant in Allenstown instead of moving the facility to a third-world country where labor is cheap. Yes, Albert himself may be Master Of The Universe, but his daughter is a populist.

It opens with some promise. Albert and a guest are being flown around Chicago in Albert's personal helicopter and Albert is grinning like a shark as he brags to his guest. "See that building? I own that. And I own those two towers over there. And that building there. Hell, I came here with only forty-two million dollars in my pocket and now I own the whole city." That's not bad and we hope for more.

But -- then we're taken inside the INC corporate building and it's a frenetic madhouse. People are being fired, promoted, informed that they only have eight months left to live, committing suicide by hanging and by jumping out of windows. They scream and sweat. They dash around protesting. They bump into people and objects like a ball in a pinball machine. And nobody pays any attention. Danny DeVito makes a brief appearance before leaping through a window and falling fifteen stories into a decorative pool. Jane Seymour has what amounts to a bit part.

The remainder of the movie has some enjoyably funny embedded jokes. Reinhold and his boss, Richard Masur, are sent to Allenstown to tell the corporation's side of the controversial story. They smoke some grass and quietly plan their pitch. Reinhold: "What's our story?" Masur: "We have to close down the plant because we're losing money hand over fist." Reinhold: "But that's not true." Masur: "No, it's our story." The limousine driver, better known as Father Guido Sarducci, gets high from breathing the smoke and keeps missing the turn off for Allensville. Muted, amusing little exchanges like that crop up from time to time.

Too bad they are buried in the frenzy as the director and performers try to rush the tempo and keep the viewers from taking a breath. There is such a thing as trying too hard. Want to see a movie that doesn't take its comedy so seriously and is a success? Try "Office Space," also about the greediness of a large corporation. Or -- more subtle still -- "Bartleby." The ending involves a slapstick shoot out in a storage area and whatever was left of the movie collapses completely, worn out, exhausted, just plain worked to death.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

"The company giveth it. The company takes away".

The two most entertaining characters only hanged around for the opening half-hour, and they happened to be larger than life actors Danny Devito and Rick Moranis. Devito's exit is the most surprising, as I thought his character was going to be an on-going story distraction sharing screen time with Judge Reinhold. Boy, I was wrong.

Upon college graduation, Jack Issel (Reinhold) is hired by the world's largest corporation mainly thanks to his father's pull of being an ex-senator. But his business degree will come in handy, or would it, as he soon learns nothing is fair in reaching success for this multinational. However he keeps finding himself promoted... after thinking the previous action would cost him his job. It's quick and easy to fall from the top, then it is making it there.

Satirical pot-shot comedy scripted by Saturday Night Live writer-actor Michael O'Donoghu and produced by Debra Hill. This comedy looks at the ridiculous nature of this vicious, manipulative and high strung dog eat dog world where corporations like this have too much power that they would do anything for a profit. Anything. I actually enjoyed the side stories, and the little jokes more so than the main narrative surrounding Reinhold's naive charm, love interest (Lori-Nan Engler) and undeserved rise up the business ladder. Alongside him Richard Masur occasionally shows up and amusingly runs off rules to stay in the job. Jane Seymour gets too little screen time, but leaves an impression whenever she does.

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