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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jurosslie 10 / 10

The best movie I've seen in a long long time.

Being a member of Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust in New Zealand and having visited Healsville Raptor Sanctuary in Melbourne Australia, I was always going to be a avid fan of the movie. What I was not expecting was the great story that went with the amazing photography and incredible acting. It's been a long time since a story based on real events has been brought to the big screen with such sensitivity. The Birds and the incredible photography were a credit to their handlers and trainers and the photographers. A must see movie for anyone with a love of birds of prey and for anybody who enjoys a movie without all the fancy stuff that still leaves you feeling great when you leave the theater

Well done to all concerned.

Reviewed by sharynm50 9 / 10

Don't miss this wonderful Aussie movie

Three friends and I went to see Healing yesterday and we all walked out feeling that this was one of the very best movies we've seen in a long time and we're wondering WHY isn't this movie being shouted about from the rooftops??? Until stumbling upon it whilst looking for info on another movie, I hadn't heard a thing about it. The cinematography is beautiful, the writing wonderful and all the actors fabulous - Don Hany is outstanding and I think overseas may beckon him after this.Jane Menelaus is so comfortable and convincing with the birds that I can't believe she doesn't do this for a living. I honestly can't find a fault with this movie. It takes the time to build the characters and it's so refreshing not to be bashed over the head with 'over the top evil villains'. The cinematography stunningly caught the absolute essence of the Aussie outback and the birds. I can't wait to go and see it again and introduce some other friends to this wonderful movie.

Reviewed by milbankj 8 / 10


This movie's poor performance at the box office, despite publicity, reveals more about the overall quality of Australian cinema audiences than it does about the country's film industry. Fine acting and cinematography back up a screenplay and score of rare quality, marrying human and environmental rehabilitation so effectively that the overall effect is extremely moving without mawkish corn. Paradoxically, this movie might do better in the US than here if properly promoted, considering Australian audiences' apparent liking for American sentimental crap. Hugo Weaving and Don Hany deliver in spades, Hany especially surpassing any previous outings of his... all quite competent if not memorable. The supporting cast doesn't let them down.

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