Heart of Midnight


Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 9 / 10

Kinky, unsettling, wonderfully atmospheric piece

Heart Of Midnight is a perverse, disturbing, highly underrated atmospheric thriller with a knockout turn from Jennifer Jason Leigh, a superb actress who isn't afraid of taking risks, going to some dodgy places and travelling to the dark side of the soul in her excellent work. In this film she plays a girl who inherits a dilapidated, out of business night club from her creepy dead uncle in a part of town that's the last place she wants to be in. She takes up residence their and attempts to fix it up, utilizing a lazy construction team that's about as productive as a paper mâché bulldozer. She realizes something isn't right about the place pretty quick though. There are various rooms in this scuzzy labyrinthine hell hole that look like they are for violent fetish rituals and shadowy, illegal stuff. She starts having vivid, surreal nightmares that begin to bleed into her waking life. When she calls the police a mysterious detective (Peter Coyote) shows up, but he's distant and only vaguely cooperative, adding to the mystery. I love this films atmosphere to death. There's an ambient, voyeuristic, abstractly horrifying aspect to the cinematography, that makes us feel like we're in a sleazy Gothic nightmare where nothing makes sense and every clue only points in the opposite direction. It's like Mullholland Drive meets 8MM by way of The Sentinal, with a touch of Ken Russell just for fun. It's not without it's absurd comic relief though. Frank Stallone (Sylvester's brother) is hilarious as a kooky police sergeant. At one point Jennifer walks into his office and the entire staff are in full song as he belts out a rollicking set on a ukulele. That's how delightfully strange this films vibe is. They just don't make these extremely atmospheric, enigmatic fright fests anymore. Or at least not with the hazy, scarily bizarre haunted house vibe they had back then. Be warned though: it goes to some pretty dark, messed up places and is definitely not for the average cookie cutter film goer. It's incredibly niche, relentlessly strange and altogether special just for those reasons. Anyone willing to step over to the dark, weird side, give it a go.

Reviewed by Mother_of_Tears 8 / 10

Dark, disturbing and atmospheric, with a great performance by Leigh

Heart of Midnight is a very strange movie, and I mean that in a good way. Broadly speaking I guess it falls within the horror genre, but it draws upon elements from many different subgenres and works on many levels. You can take it as a haunted-house movie, a ghost story, a psychological thriller and a character study rolled into one.

Jennifer Jason Leigh gives a superb performance as Carol Rivers, a fragile and sensitive young woman recovering from a nervous breakdown. When her estranged uncle dies of AIDS, she mysteriously inherits his deserted nightclub and, upon moving in, discovers its seedy past as a "massage parlour". From here on in, the story gets darker and more twisted, but suffice it to say that it contains many of the ingredients of full-bore horror: moaning voices in the night, taps dripping blood, secret passageways, beheaded rats, apples that ooze maggots and so on. For much of the film, we're kept in the dark as to whether Carol is privy to hallucinations and sinking into another nervous breakdown, or whether there is actually a dark force living in the empty nightclub with her.

Heart of Midnight is not a perfect film. There are some plot loopholes and the usual budget limitations of a B movie, including a pesky boom mic that dips into the frame a few times. But it makes up for its flaws with a strong visual style and a convincingly claustrophobic atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife. Along the way there are several recognizable nods to films like Peeping Tom, Suspiria, The Shining and two Roman Polanski classics - Repulsion and The Tenant.

Jennifer Jason Leigh really gives it her all in the lead role as Carol. She is an exceptionally talented and striking actress, and Heart of Midnight provides the then 25-year-old with a strong early showcase for her talent. Her portrayal of the frail but determined Carol is passionate, believable and always sympathetic. She's a horror-movie heroine of unusual strength and intelligence, which means we really root for her during this often harrowing nightmare. Peter Coyote, Frank Stallone and Brenda Vaccaro all lend decent support, but it's Leigh who makes this dark journey worth taking.

Reviewed by lostribe 9 / 10

Creepy and stays with you

I have seen this movie many times over the years. It's just the right genre of creepy for me, interesting old place the girl inherits full of old clothes, etc., it has that grandma's attic feeling about it. A little Psycho, a little sixties scary-movie feel. Then the psychological twist gets folded in, along with a nice little romance and good acting. This movie is not formulaic overall, when you consider that it's almost impossible to make a scary movie of any kind that hasn't been done before. Sure, familiar elements are there, but even though the setting is modern for the period, it has a bit of a Gothic feel to it. If you like suspense and a creepy plot without the gore, this is for you.

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