Heartbreak Ridge


Action / Comedy / Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
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Clint Eastwood as Highway
Marsha Mason as Aggie
Everett McGill as Major Powers
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Reviewed by BIG MIKE-45 5 / 10

How about just a LITTLE realism?

I normally don't complain about the realism of Hollywood's portrayal of the Armed Forces in it's movies, but this one is just too far out of bounds to let go. Marine recon units are the equivalent of Navy SEALS or Army Rangers. They are elite units, and discipline is strict. Back-talking your superior, whether officer or enlisted, is not tolerated a bit, and would not be attempted by junior enlisted men. Right away, you would have eliminated about half of the dialogue in this movie. Oh, well... They did get one thing right, though. Winners of the CMH (Congressional Medal of Honor) never have to salute anyone. They will always be saluted first, and will return the salute.

Reviewed by screenman 5 / 10


Directed by, and starring Clint Eastwood, of whom I have been a fan on either side of the camera; I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with his work here.

It is formulaic to the point of prescription. I don't think I see any scene in this movie that I haven't seen elsewhere. An already quite clearly ageing Eastwood is far too old for the part. He just sleep-walks his way through the role of a grizzled platoon leader, out to whup some misfits into shape. The humour is entirely predictable. The jokes come trudging-up with the inevitability of an old soldier, when they really ought to have faded away. There's the inevitable personal conflicts, a little bit of love-interest in the form of a female bar-keeper, and so on. Even the combat sequences are pretty stagy, with unimaginative location-work.

I've watched it two or three times, now. Each time I wonder if I fell asleep or something and missed the good stuff. But not so; it's exactly what it is: a completely formulaic military vehicle, but one in which the wheels don't actually fall off; they were never fitted in the first place.

Shame on you Clint. Though your other stuff's made up for it.

Reviewed by EMC-2 9 / 10

Action and comedy in a military setting

This is an enjoyable, if somewhat cartoonish, adventure. Eastwood plays Gunnery Sergeant Tom Highway, a career United States Marine who won the Medal of Honor at Heartbreak Ridge in Korea. As he approaches retirement, Gunny Highway takes on the task of transforming a bunch of misfits into a tough Reconnaissance Platoon in time for the 1983 invasion of Granada. The film is uneven, with some moments that are brilliant and others that are embarrassingly bad. The film does not contain an accurate portrayal of Marine Recon, but it does deliver excitement and a good dose of humor. Besides, Clint Eastwood as a salty old Gunny is something that had to happen!

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