Hearts of War



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Zachary Bennett as Bernard
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Devon Bostick as Guard #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Q-factor 2 / 10

An average film

I watched this film after giving the good review on IMDb the benefit of the doubt. I have always been a fan of war films, but I have to say this particular one was a big disappointment.

The acting is mostly hammy (especially that of the poet himself; who is a rather overtly sentimental German soldier) and small blunders (Like the boom mike dangling at the top of many frames) don't help.

The story is very predictable and makes one wonder whether the whole WWII genre has been done to death.

If you've read previous reviews and synopses, you would have already gathered that the main hook in the film is the union between the German soldier and the Rabbi's daughter. It barely gets beyond that. Watch only if you've got nothing better to watch.

Reviewed by leiser18 2 / 10

Hearts of War

I found this movie on DVD at Blockbuster under the above title. I was very disappointed. It was unrealistic and the plot full of holes. The German accents were almost annoying and even hard to understand. The only redeeming quality of this movie was Roy Scheider as the rabbi. At least he seemed believable. Whoever came up with the script should have watched a good Holocaust movie like Schindler's List first before subjecting the public to this mediocre stuff. Darryl Hannah talents were wasted in this film, plus she didn't seem old enough to have a grown (twenty-something) son. Forget about watching The Poet, aka Hearts of War!!!

Reviewed by yadid_rh 1 / 10

Horrible! Don't waste your time! Don't watch!!!!!!!

This movie is not just bad, it is horrible! I can't believe someone actually thought it might work! Everything about this movie ain't working!

the script is so absurd, the dialogs seem to be like they were written by an immature! Most of the actors come from the TV world, so the entire movie looks like an exaggerated chapter of a bad show! All the movie is based on the conception that holocaust movies bring audience so they simply try to go on the most absurd stereotypes ever! They push into the episodes so many things of different times and places just in order to increase the WWII stuff so they can hide the many mistakes made on the movie! The love story it self is so idiotic, totally ignore the problematic state the movie is taking place in!

Simply awful! Don't watch!!!!!!

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