Heaven and Earth


Action / Adventure / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10

visually impressive but dull

This movie has great battle scenes--large, intense and seemingly real. The clash between the red and black colored armies is a visual treat. The problem is that for as great as these scenes are, the film lags greatly on the personal level. The dialog just seems as if it is being filmed at a great emotional distance--and OFTEN, the scenes are actually filmed at a pretty great physical distance. If the movie could have been re-edited with new writing and direction for the non-spectacular scenes, it might achieve greatness. Otherwise, it just seems a little too cold and distant to become engaging. In this sense, it looks, at times, more like a documentary on the History Channel more than a film about PEOPLE and events.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 5 / 10

Beautiful To See, But Not Much Else

This is one of the prettier films I've seen with some wonderful cinematography and beautiful scenery. It's the reason I kept the film for quite a while, because the story was uninvolving. All the characters sound the same with a lot of the grunting macho male voices. The Japanese seem to show this in a number of films and is so foreign to our culture, it's hard to relate.

This is a story about two warriors - one shown in orange and the other in black, but it really wasn't good guy-versus-bad guy, just two people battling over land. Boy, that sounds familiar, as you know. Countries do the same, unfortunately.

This movie, according to critics, was supposed to have some fantastic action scenes. Well, let's just say that's not the case; the action scenes are very overrated.

Great visuals are the attraction here; not much else. Still, it's a shame something this beautiful is not available on DVD.

Reviewed by lastliberal 8 / 10

Even brothers are subject to fate - you were born to be a ruler - war is your destiny!

No one does spectacular battles like the Japanese; especially when it comes to Samurai. The pageantry, the color, the sound, all frame a battle that is more like a chess match than war.

Tsunehiko Watase (Usami) provides outstanding support to Takaaki Enoki (Kagetora) and Masahiko Tsugawa (Takeda Shingen), warriors who are battling for control of Japan in the 16th Century.

Ken Watanabe was supposed to been one of the leads according to a source, but had to drop out because of illness. It does not suffer any for his absence as the others do an outstanding job.

Some may like their war with blood and guts, but if you like to see war not only as an art of battle, but as an art form, then this is the best you can see.

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