Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 4930

jealousy seduction waitress sexual fantasy pizza

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Liv Tyler as Callie
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Victor Modino
Shelley Winters as Dolly Modino
David Patrick Kelly as Grey Man in Hospital
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner55 8 / 10

He's a man so shy, he doesn't even think he deserves love...

Solemn, but vivid, lovely mood piece about a shy, chubby cook in a river town restaurant who fantasizes about getting to know the new waitress, a perky young thing with long brunette hair and a big charming smile. Graceful film never goes the commercial route, neither injecting shady characters into the mix nor throwing in blatant jokes to give the film comedic uplift. The picture is all on one level, which may drive some viewers batty with impatience, but I found it quietly invigorating. The lead character, Victor (Pruitt Taylor Vince), daydreams, watches airplanes, has secret hopes; he's a loner, and the filmmakers are careful not to flood the screen with potential conquests. There's Debbie Harry as a loose waitress with weary eyes and Liv Tyler, the new hire, who brings fantasy into Victor's life; but, as with all fantasies, the advent of reality diffuses the passionate tension. Director James Mangold is observant and aware, putting this character portrait on film with admirable eloquence. It's his "Marty". *** from ****

Reviewed by dewey22 8 / 10

Pruitt Taylor Vince should have got an Academy Award nomination

This is a movie that I almost didn't watch because it was to be about a fat pizza cook. After watching for thirty minutes, it was obvious that the movie was about the very sensitive feelings of someone who is over weight. The performance by Pruitt Taylor Vince was very impressive, and I felt if not winning an Academy Award, should have at least been nominated. Few actors can express as much without saying a word, as he did in this very powerful and touching movie.

Reviewed by THOR-31 8 / 10

A wonderful, sad, compelling film.

Heavy is a film about sad and desperate people, all of whom seem to have nothing to look forward to. At the center of the film is Victor, played magnificently by Pruitt Taylor Vince. He's the cook at his mother's restaurant. Victor goes about his job and life almost mechanically, he rarely say a word and his movement is limited. Until a couple of major event in his environment happens. One the hiring of a beautiful young waitress named Callie(Liv Tyler) which represent to Victor something wonderful and unattainable. Yet it gives him hope for his empty existence. The second major event is tragic, yet Victor hides it from everyone around him because he wants things to stay the same. He has no sense of what else is there for him. Yet this event might give him the opportunity to go out and see what's beyond the front door of his mom's restaurant. The final reel shows that whereas the other character's lives seem to be continuing the same pattern of sadness and despair. Victor might try to move on with his. Particularly his interaction with a convenience store female clerk with whom he's never spoken to before. It's not much but it's a start.

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