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Diana Rigg as Grandmamma
Max von Sydow as Uncle Alp
Geraldine Chaplin as Rottenmeier
Robert Bathurst as Mr. Sessemann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 9 / 10


None of the five adaptations I've seen of the classic Heidi are bad, though neither are quite perfect. Despite the too-low rating this adaptation was excellent, though the part where the grandfather goes to the village seemed contradictory to his character and part of you wishes that Max Von Sydow had more to do. Even with some changes, in detail and spirit Heidi(2005) is the most faithful. It doesn't feel over-dramatic like the Noley Thornton version did- which still had a lot of engaging things- and none of it was mean-spirited or too dark, yes even with the slightly crueler characterisations of Fraulein Rottenmeier and Aunt Dete. The characters are true to the book like the delightful Shirley Temple version(which had the most accurate depiction of Fraulein Rottenmeier), treating the characters of the grandfather and Clara sympathetically like the Noley Thornton version didn't really. But at the same time it doesn't fall into the trap of making those like Fraulein Rottenmeier too nice like the 1968 adaptation with Jean Simmons(also a very well-done version) did. Heidi(2005) has a lot going for it, it looks lovely with very attractive photography, authentic period detail and mountain scenery that is a wonder. The music is unobtrusive and matches the pacing of the adaptation very well while not dragging. The script has a pleasant mixture of funny, intelligent and poignant, with you relating every step of the way with Heidi and her life and conflict. The story even with the slow pacing captures the feel of the book just beautifully, it was very heart-warming(particularly in the relationships between the characters), had a lot of charm and the dramatic parts were genuinely touching and never too dark. All the key elements are there and with the right impact. The ending as you'd expect for Heidi is very emotional. The direction allows the story to resonate yet doesn't make it to be stillborn. Emma Bolger is a highly engaging Heidi, like Shirley Temple she was charming and funny and just as photogenic while capable of an emotional range that made her performance moving too. Max Von Sydow is perfect also as the grandfather with a distinctively stoic presence, showing the grandfather's journey from gruff and reclusive to much more loving and warm, the only actor playing this character to do so completely successfully. Geraldine Chaplin's Fraulein Rottenmeier is genuinely beastly(if crueler than you'd expect), which allowed for Heidi's conflict with her to have its tension, likewise with Pauline McLynn's Aunt Dete. Diana Rigg sparkles in the affectingly noble role of the grandmother, and the compassionate Clara of Jessica Claridge also impresses(Peter too is believable). In fact all the acting is fine. Overall, an excellent adaptation. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bopdog 6 / 10

Earnest and well-meaning, but kind of flat nonetheless. Better suited for kids, and for TV

I went to this movie on a whim, in a fit of nostalgia. I remembered reading the book 'Heidi' as a little kid. And I had fond memories of the old black and white movie, with Shirley Temple. This newest version, with the inimitable Max von Sydow, is earnest, and basically well-meaning. It is true to the book as well. I remembered from all those years ago the passage in the book where the grandfather serves his newly arrived granddaughter roasted goat cheese. Sure enough, in this movie, as soon as she shows up at his mountain place, he roasts up a batch of cheese for her.

The satisfaction of seeing a few little details like that aside, this is really kind of a lackluster production. Maybe I overestimated the appeal of a revisit back to my childhood? Maybe it is such a children's story that it could have, for me as an adult, no appeal any longer. Whatever the reason, this production felt more like a 'visual aid' to the book, as shown in a third-grade classroom, than a proper movie. Its production values and dramatic sweep felt more like a TV movie, and one from the 1980s or 1970s, at that.

Nothing is missing. The scenery, the costumes, and the actors are all fine. But dang--- nothing about it drew me in, and I was bored out of my mind. I had to slip out after 45 minutes of it. Maybe kids will like it?

Reviewed by movingpicturegal 9 / 10

Delightful Adaptation

Well done version of the classic story of the orphaned young girl, Heidi (played by Emma Bolger), sent to live with her hermit grandfather in his cabin away up high in the Swiss Alps. Grandfather is an unwelcoming, gruff old man, but he very soon takes a real shine to sweet little Heidi - and Heidi takes to her new environment like a duck to water. Sadly for both, she is soon swept away by her unkind/greedy aunt to live with a rich Frankfurt household as the playmate of a wheelchair-bound girl named Clara - but lively young Heidi soon adds some spark of life to the whole house, much to the chagrin of the meanie housekeeper, a really nasty woman in black who rules the roost with an iron fist.

I have seen a number of filmed versions of this story, I found this version to be one of the best. All the actors are perfectly cast in this, I really think Max von Sydow is *the* perfect choice for the grandfather in this story and Geraldine Chaplin is suitably despicable in her portrayal of the housekeeper. Emma Bolger is an adorable and charming young actress who gives a very endearing performance, just as she does in her memorable portrayal of Ariel in the film "In America". The mountain scenery in this film is very atmospheric and gorgeously photographed, the orchestral score is really wonderful. An especially lovely and heartfelt family film, full of charm. Recommended.

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