Heidi's Song


Animation / Family / Musical

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 235

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Frank Welker as Schnoodle / Hootie
Peter Cullen as Gruffle
Michael Winslow as Mountain
Sammy Davis Jr. as Head Ratte

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heyjupiter76 10 / 10

An underrated animated classic!

One of the movies I remember most fondly from my childhood. Although both fairly simplistic and in a way more real life-like compared to Disney standards, the animation serves the story wonderfully and adds much to the overall charm. Director Robert Taylor had previously made the twisted 'Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat', which reflects itself in 'Heidi's Song' in some really trippy dream sequences. In some cases it even seems like a throwback to the psychedelic animation of the 60's. And the songs are all instant hummable classics that could work just as well in a stage production. One stand out is for example the beautiful and melancholy 'Prince Charming' number with the wheelchair bound Clara.

This movie didn't fare well with the cinema audience at the time of it's release and was soon forgotten, even though produced by the famous Hanna-Barbera studio in an attempt to follow up their previous success with 'Charlotte's Web'. Unfortunately it hasn't gained much of a reputation on the home video market either. One reason of course being there are so many other adaptations of the Heidi story available. Still, this animated version for me remains one of the most entertaining. For many of us who saw the movie on it's original release, it's considerable charm and appeal still linger, so hopefully a future DVD release can manage to bring 'Heidi's Song' out to an even wider audience.

Reviewed by freshmiche 10 / 10

Great fun for all the family!

Absolutely fantastic story about the little girl who's forced to live with her unhappy grandfather. They eventually form a great relationship whilst meeting all kinds of different people and lovable animals along the way. With good animation and a fantastic soundtrack this will never fail to amuse the young and the young at heart. If I had to think of one bad point (and this is really having to think hard about it, because none spring to mind!) i would say that it may be a bit too long, but once you get into the film, the time does tend to fly! As a big fan of Disney I can be quite judgemental when it comes to "non-Disney" projects. But this does not disappoint. Definitely one of my favourites as a child...and still is!

Reviewed by sketchyninja 10 / 10

annoying music is not found here

Great! Good animation along with the music. "Falling off logs", "You're a Nothing", and "Rat" songs are great with good trippy animation in the background that adds to the mood of the story. Great fun all around with a neat story. Nightmare scene is very well done too.

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