Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel


Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.5 10 2781

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rckscarter 5 / 10


This is a perfect example of an unwarranted sequel leaving behind a bitter taste in one's mouth. The first Hell House wasn't exactly original: there are hundreds of found footage, paranormal films on the market. What separated it was the execution, the build, the unsettling creepiness and the intense, abrupt ending. The feel of the sequel is filmmaker's going to the well again hoping for a cash cow, but not having enough content to fill time, so they insert needles explanatory angles that ruin the mystique of the first film. Not a terrible film, mind you. Just don't go into watching Hell House LLC 2 with an expectation of it being comparable to the first.

Reviewed by derekjager 3 / 10

Lacks the subtle scares and natural acting of the original

My heart sank when I saw the trailer and heard the poor dialogue. The original had a great cast who delivered their lines in a natural fashion and seemed to really be friends/co-workers. I watched it many times and think it's terrific.

None of this really worked for me and I was bored about 30 minutes into it. And once they are in the hotel, you can't see much so when they run around screaming "WTF?" you have no idea what they are screaming about or running from.

If it's a trilogy, not sure why. When you explain too much, the fears tend to diminish and this film became a lot of talk, a lot of don't show, when it should really be show, don't tell. I sensed a lot of filler and then, no climax. And really, zero scares so jump cuts were added. If a third is made, I hope it mirrors the tone and acting of the first.

Reviewed by bau250 1 / 10

Major disappointment compared to the original

What were they thinking? It's like the purposely did the exact opposite of what made the first film work. Acting was atrocious and wasn't believable at all.

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