Hell of a Night


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 1 / 10

Night of hell for the viewer as well

This is not, despite how it sounds and sincere apologies if it comes over that way, meant in a malicious or with intention to offend way. Am actually saying this with regret, despite the low rating, deliberately didn't read any reviews for fairness sake, it was hard not to pass up anything that appeared in my more like this section while watching some low-budget horror films every now and again to distract me from my increasing anxiety and low moods. Curiosity drew me into seeing this.

'Hell of a Night' however really turned out to be that bad. Or should that be it really turned out to be that awful. Expectations were not exactly high for 'Hell of a Night', as the concept wasn't as attention grabbing or as promising as that for other films seen recently, but this was even worse than expected. Always look for at one good thing to say about bad or worse films, it takes a lot for me to say that something is irredeemably awful. Could find nothing however to say even remotely okay for 'Hell of a Night' and it is one of the worst recent examples of an irredeemably awful film.

It is amateur hour visually, haven't used this term very often recently but 'Hell of a Night' deserves it. The lighting and colour filtering was a major distraction and made me feel very exhausted and nauseous as an epileptic with no warning that the film would have that kind of lighting. The editing was reminiscent of someone inexperienced or had no familiarity with making things coherent. The sound is pretty much the same and the music couldn't have been more constantly misplaced and over-bearing if it tried.

As for the script, it didn't sound or seem like there was much of one at all. It sounds so awkward in both the dialogue and how everything flows, it sounded either made up on the spot or severely under-rehearsed. The story is all over the place, structurally (disjointed and muddled doesn't describe it), tonally (sounded like the writers were really struggling to find the right tone) and in pace which meanders non-stop. There is no tension or suspense whatsoever, and 'Hell of a Night' even fails abysmally in conveying any sense of dread or even any half-decent scare.

Direction is pretty much a hack job, very rarely use this term either as it sounds and is derogatory but am using it here because this film in all honesty made me very angry watching it because of its beyond redemption ineptitude. The style is a mess, the substance is completely non-existent and the atmosphere seems to had also gotten as completely lost as the coherence. Have seen better acting in nativity productions with no exceptions, and am not going to blame the annoying character writing or lack of sense or logic to behaviours on how bad the acting is, this is a rare case of it being because of complete lack of acting talent.

Summing up, absolutely awful. 1/10

Reviewed by scottliddle76 1 / 10

Believe it or not, a pretty darn rubbish movie

This movie is plain and simple garbage. The acting was the worst I've seen in a very long time. The music was a complete joke with the worst editing I have ever seen. The lighting was horrendous with bright red, greens and yellows in nearly every scene, just so over bearing. For a horror there was not a single scary scene, not even 1 Jump scare. The story is all over the place. Im trying to think of 1 Good thing to say about this movie..... oh hold on, the end credits. How this is 5.4 rating on here is beyond me. Watch at your own peril

Reviewed by whitemanfromtowne 1 / 10


This movie was just awful. Red scenes, blues scenes, green scenes, all just stupid and didn't make the film or story better but more annoying. Who wrote this garbage? Acting was horrendous, a bunch a dumbass young girls with no experience in front of a camera whatsoever. And to that a hole who said that this film was a "good flick" stop being jerk troll and find another hobby. You aren't getting laid with any of the girls in the film anyway, so cut the crap.

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