Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by birthdaysuit11 3 / 10

Well Made but Grossly Biased

I'm going to keep this brief.

This was a well produced Documentary. The cinematography was amazing as was the editing and flow of film sequences. What I also liked was the video footage of the aftermath of air-strikes, which painted a vivid, emotionally charged picture in the viewers mind. In actuality this bothered me somewhat for if it hadn't been biased I most likely wouldn't have felt so angered and more so saddened by the circumstance.

The documentary barely talked about Syria and mostly about Iraq where ISIL, Da'esh supposedly stemmed from after taking over Iraqi military locations, stealing weapon depots and finally making their way back to Syria. This I found grossly lacking in info.

An interviewer then went on to say Assad created ISIS, which is completely and utterly wrong. Nowhere can I find from freelance journalists that Assad was the 'CAUSE' of ISIS. Instead, this was the 'only' thing the documentary mentioned regarding the rise of ISIS. Of course taxation of Da'esh held areas and capturing oil fields fueled ISIS. However, they NEVER talked about who bought this oil or who covertly funds ISIS nor the geopolitical agendas of western and eastern proxies in the war.

They mostly filmed the FSA, which has many good people in opposition of Assad but who also mingles with Al Nusra Front and Al Qaeda who want a caliphate and would behead anyone that they deemed obsolete.

In conclusion, this documentary paints a perspective of the FSA and the salifist movement and how they've been bombarded with Barrel bombs by the SAA. The documentary talks about ISIS in general terms and mostly uses videos that are not even remotely related or in the locations that they say they are, which maddened me.

I hoped to see an unbiased documentary on the war with both Interviews in government held areas, the Syrian Army fighting ISIS as well as the FSA and other opposition groups. I also wanted at least a small portion dedicated to geopolitical agendas of Qatar and Saudi Arabia who fund ISIS covertly. Instead, they painted Saudi Arabia as the good guys, stating that "they had their warplanes ready when Assad started to bomb his people," This made it seem that Saudi Arabia had a stake in the war 'ONLY' for humanitarian reasons, lol. It isn't as simple as that, I am disappointed in this propaganda.

Reviewed by moldour-51368 3 / 10

Biased propaganda with very little/no objectivity.

The docu makes no mention of the US role, including PNAC's decade-long goals, and such desires for regime-change, and arming and aiding al qaeda (al nusra, etc). And including even being there being an international crime attacking a sovereign state. And including the "White Hats" being US and UK paid propagandists who fake incidents. For just one example, it's funny how America is all upset about protecting and maybe losing al Tanf. In Syria. Which they have no legal right to be in. If the world were proper, there would be UN resolutions against the US.

Assad sucks. So too sucks US involvement in yet another regime-change attempt. Thank goodness for Iran and Russia, at least in this case. We really need another failed state in Syria, who if had fell would be a haven for ISIS and the like? Well, that's just my opinion, but this docu didn't go at all into any of that. So, biased.

This docu was very light (nonexistant) on all of this. Assad is terrible and has blood on his hands. So does ISIS. So did Obama and now Trump.

This docu explains only one side of this debacle. I suggest anyone who reads it should read alternative journalists and facts. And also how early the West was behind this civil war/regime-change.

My review is 3 out of 10 stars. The other 7 would be had if the docu had actually told how much the West and its allies such as Saudi Arabia and Israel and Turkey were involved, including all their craven goals at the expense of innocent lives. The 3 is for good interviews and being well- crafted.

The docu is also badly titled. "Fall of Syria". I'm sure that's how the West would like it to be in the end--to fall into chaos and give more reason to keep hundreds of billions flowing to the MIC from a new terrible) this looks like it'll fail. And regardless of anything, I expect the US will once again screw over the Kurds.

10/10 of course if my review should comment on how great this was as biased propaganda. I'm very disappointed in Nat Geo.

If anyone only views this docu and thinks they now have a comprehensive understanding of the Syrian War and the various states (or from this docu, only ISIS and the Assad regime) actors behind it, they would be very, very, very wrong. This was light on context and specifics. Good on winning hearts and minds as if only either Assad or ISIS were the bad actors there. Poor showing. If not for the quality, it would warrant 1 or 0 stars.

Reviewed by metin_rom 5 / 10

The lack of Kurds' struggle against ISIS

Unfortunately, the role of the Kurds is not mentioned in the film. One can not make a documentary about Syrias civil war and Isis without telling the Kurds part in it. It does not get any good, no matter how good it is. The documentary is very well made, but as mentioned, it does not cover the whole story, espousely when it comes to the crack on ISIS.

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