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Top cast

Meg Foster as Mary
Billy Zane as Joshua
Tony Todd as Harry
Adrienne Barbeau as Georgia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rpatrickvelez 6 / 10

A Fair movie

Without me giving a full synopsis- expect a fairly routine plot- evil stalks a small town, trapping the survivors in a bar until the final confrontation.

The most interesting plot points were the mid credit & after credit scenes.

The veteran actors had a few key moments and really serve as the hook I know they're why I clicked on the title. Dern is especially entertaining in a key scene with the sheriff. Adrienne Barbeau and Tony Todd have a few scenes ... However Meg Foster feels wasted in approx 1 min of screen time. Billy Zane appeared to give the minimum effort possible, but it's always a pleasure to see him. I suppose he did the best he could with what he was provided and I would have liked to know more about his character.

The rest of the cast is serviceable with a few needing additional practice delivering their lines. The sheriff was my favorite character-and was memorable in a scene carried by Dern.

The effects are fair (keep your eye out for the obvious chicken skin!!!) And when possible used practical vs digital (always a plus when delivered properly). A few scenes linger too long.

For what it is, a movie carried by a free streaming service, it's passable.

I watched why waiting for a repair man to visit my home and it made the time go fairly quickly.

Reviewed by romneymeredith 3 / 10

As usual, the overall rating has been manipulated

Note - this movie was a Tubi production.

I'm a huge horror fan and enjoyed seeing Dern, Zane, Barbeau, Foster and Todd in the movie but only the first three had any real roles (which were too small) which was a real waste. I thought the other actors and actresses were okay and I really liked the small town setting. I also liked the cinematography.

But what the movie failed to do was what a movie like "Lake Placid" did - deliver a well-crafted script with funny moments (they tried but there wasn't enough 'hits') and a real punch in the death scenes. Except for a few brief moments with the monster, the special effects were so lacking that almost all of the death scenes were implied and the killing blows took place off camera. And note to the writers of this - Claymore mines don't simply explode in a big plume of dark smoke. The action scenes involving guns were a joke. This movie was rated R only due to some scattered obscenities, there was no nudity or gore. Also, the pacing for a good part of the movie was just too slow and some of the scenes were simply not believable - for example, why did Candyman (Tony Todd) simply sacrifice himself when he had no need to nor the motivation to do so?

I actually at first thought that the 5 veteran horror movie actors and actresses had pooled their own money together to produce this movie but after seeing the credits I realized they didn't. Smart move.

Look, if you're bored late at night and you really have nothing better to do then give it a look. Adrienne, you really kept yourself fit. But Meg Foster looks like Darth Vader when they removed his helmet at the end of "The Return of the Jedi" which is a darn shame.

I thought Dern's monologue at the beginning was funny but Tubi, if you're going to make a movie with people of this quality for the love of all that's holy GIVE THEM A SCRIPT!!! Hire some competent writers! And spend some money on special effects! You suck out most of the horror in a horror movie when all the gore is implied because it takes place off screen!

P.s. I am so tired of seeing movies like this initially with high ratings (6.5 stars as of my review) obviously not real. Cast, people who worked on the movie and their friends are obviously skewing these reviews - don't fall for it. Read the most negative reviews first as they have no financial motive to post them, as I don't.

Reviewed by thedarkestshadow-32785 8 / 10

Pretty good movie

Most of the people giving this a low rating are just haters, trolls or people expecting too much. This is really a 5 or 6 movie but I'm giving it a higher rating to offset the idiotically low ratings.

Note: If you are watching this for Tony Todd he's barely in it.

The script is decent and not as bad as some of these ratings indicate. Sound quality and lighting are good. I didn't have any problems hearing or seeing anything. The creature is a little goofy looking but not bad for the budget. As far as Tubi originals go this is good.

One of my main gripes is that it's way too short. Just when things get going the movie is over.

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