Hello I Love You



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Jill Adler as Elaine Dorsey

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Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI 9 / 10

Scrappy and Wildly Successful

Most film consumers simply should know by now whether or not they're of the kind of audience to appreciate the truly gritty, boot-on-the-ground relentlessness of indie, which often comes at the expense of major studio look and feel (obviously, one would think they'd know where they stand by now). Yet so many are surprised and mock-dismayed when they stumble on production values that don't scream $200 billion blockbuster. It's a truly baffling, recurring phenomenon.

I love the beating heart of indie - the prerequisite perservering nature of the indie filmmaker - so it's no surprise that I found "Hello I Love" you to be right down my fairway. Spoiler alert: Meryl Streep isn't in this film, but lead actress Kabrina Miller is, and she held the film's elements together with great aplomb. Her performance was aided by a strong sense of pace, and comedy that's straight-up, high end funny.

Go out for wine and cheese, and some pseudo-evolved name dropper will most assuredly be overheard extolling the virtues of Kevin Smith's Clerks. He probably fears disclosing the fact that he actually didn't dig it at all, and instead struggled with its homegrown-ness. Hello I Love You is no less deserving of early viewership on the grounds of its content and its relentless execution despite its barriers. It's funny. It tells its story purposefully. And ultimately, it triumphs.

Reviewed by greenmarie5 10 / 10

Awkwardly Cute

Not sure how I came across this movie but definitely a cute movie. Has some cheesy parts but surprisingly good acting. A rawness and relatable scenes when meeting new people in the dating world. Highly recommend

Reviewed by becky-51264 8 / 10

Great family show!

This was a fun story to go with, I appreciated that it was lighthearted and fun. It will appeal to people who are looking for a show they can watch with family and friends of any age.

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