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Reviewed by wrxsti54 7 / 10

Rollicking French teen horror romcom

Hellphone is a fascinating blend of a teen coming of age horror movie but with many comedic twists all against the beautiful backdrop of Paris. Set in a high school near the heart of the city, it traces the plight of 17 year old Sid Supir (Jean Baptiste Maunier) a baby faced quirky skater kid trying to woo an older beautiful and popular girl Angie (Jennifer Decker) who currently dates wealthy handsome and equally popular Virgile (Vladimir Consigny). Set in the mid 2000's at the very beginning of the smartphone revolution when phones began to be more than for calls and texts, Sid believes he can win over Angie with a racy and radical new experimental phone he buys for a mere 30 euros in a sinister black magic shop. The phone turns out to have supernatural powers to grant the every wish of an adventurous teenage boy and his skating buddy Pierre/Tiger (Benjamin Junger). At first these wishes are relatively innocent, like giving him a formula in a maths class and advance warning on a history exam subject. But as Sid tries to bypass the bullying of teachers, his exploitive boss and Virgile and his aggressive friends to win over Angie, the phone orchestrates a series of spectacular and at times humorous almost slapstick deaths. As the death toll mounts and as Sid becomes obsessed with his quest, eventually Angie and Tiger assist Sid with the difficult and gruesome task of destroying this phone from hell. This journey brings Sid and Angie together.

A still young looking 15 year old Jean Baptiste (JB) Maunier is cast in this cool teen romp by Director James Huth to capitalise on his dramatic rise to fame after his starring role aged 12 in "Les Choristes" due to his near perfect angelic choir boy voice. Despite being first a singer and all the other main high school student parts being filled by young looking adults all at least 5 years older than JB, his acting in this high energy intense movie is first rate and he fits in very comfortably in a very different role than "The Choir". For a few years through his teens, Maunier attempted a triple of pursuing an acting, modeling and singing career but with only modest success with recording some songs and cameo roles as an adult.

Reviewed by OliverGbyrne 7 / 10

It's a lot of fun (...but just don't expect it to be scary)

Hellphone is the story of a boy who , not really knowing it , buy an evil phone who has a mind of its own to get the girl of his dream. It's a crazy film from beginning to the end , it goes at a crazy speed both in the writing and the direction, the camera keep zooming in,zooming out,the color are bright and the actor all have very high energy. There's a lot of dark comedy in there too (There's a scene were a fast food owner deep fried his own head)and plenty of laugh. Jean Baptiste Maunier had become very popular in France since "les choriste" and even if I must say that I don't consider myself a fan of him , I really did find him convincing in the role of a metal-head kid. But in my opinion the real star of the film is Vladimir Consigny who plays Virgile , the self obsessed bad guy in the story,he bring a lot of fun to the role ( and I'm not talking about the strip tease scene ) he's just a really different sort of villain. The last 15 minutes of the film are the best for both fans of horror and comedy. It's a really hard film to describe but if any of you saw film like "Idyle hands" or "Shawn of the dead" I am sure you will have a fun time watching this silly horror/comedy.

Reviewed by Thor98 10 / 10

Very entertaining and a lot of fun

Hellphone came as a surprise to me. I rented it believing to get a standard horror/teen b-movie. Instead I got a clever made comedy with brilliant dialogs and perfect actors. The script is very well written and the director did a good job, since he managed to make even simple scenes interesting to watch. I had the feeling that the whole cast and crew really enjoyed their work and I for myself never enjoyed a movie that much since "Interstate 60".

Hellphone is full of dark humor, even the "brutal" killings makes you smile. Another plus are a lot of references to other movies ("The Birds", "Vertigo", "Christine", "Gremlins", ...). The supporting actors are well chosen. Each of them reminds you of typical cartoon characters. All of them add well to the story.

It's a joyride for everyone who likes entertaining but not too heavy stuff. Something you can watch over and over again.

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