Help for the Holidays


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Mason Cook as Will VanCamp
John Brotherton as Dave Gabriel
Dan Gauthier as Scott VanCamp
Eva LaRue as Sara VanCamp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Helpful elves

My Christmas film watching and reviewing quest that began at the end of last year has been interesting. That is not to say that every film seen was great, or even good. The overall quality of the quest was actually very variable, as has been the case with a vast majority of my completest quests over the years. Haven't had any quest/project where every film seen has been consistently good or consistently bad, a lot of both extremes of good and bad and quite a lot in between.

That was certainly the case with this quest. Of which 'Help for the Holidays' was actually one of the standouts. In a good way, actually was not expecting to like the film as much (with it sounding slightly predictable and cheesy) as it actually transpired. Moderate expectations exceeded if you will. Is 'Help for the Holidays' devoid of flaws? No, and few films are (actually have had minor issues with some of the films rated 10/10, but overlooked because of everything else being so amazing). As far as all the recently seen Christmas films go though, 'Help for the Holidays' to me was one of the best and that is saying a fair bit.

Perhaps 'Help for the Holidays' could have done with more surprises, so that it didn't feel "know exactly what happens when you go along" or as convenient.

Also found Dave on the annoying and contrived side, but maybe that's just me. Am not blaming John Brotherton who does well as the character, but more how the character's written.

'Help for the Holidays' is beautifully filmed however, it's not drably lit, is cohesively edited and the locations are made good use of despite it being obvious that it was not shot at Christmas time. The film doesn't make the mistake that most recently seen Christmas films have done of having over-used and overpowering music, it is lovely to listen to and has a festive feel. The dialogue doesn't have too much cheese and doesn't fall into schmaltz, it's amusing and sometimes movingly delivered with spirit.

It was very capably directed too, not allowing the film to drag and always making the drama and such clear. The story is predictable, but is very light-hearted and heart-warming with more character depth and likeability than most recently seen Christmas films. There is a lot of charm and it really does live up to its well meaning title. Actually found myself liking the characters and their personalities and didn't find myself frustrated by any behaviours or questioning motivations (have seen too many holiday films that have been guilty of those). 'Help for the Holidays' is well acted, with two immensely appealing lead performances from Summer Glau and Eva LaRue. Both have grown a lot as actresses.

Overall, lovely film and enjoyed it so much more than thought, worrying that it would not be my cup of tea. Speaking as somebody who has always been encouraging with reviewing but also firmer over the years with ratings and putting opinions across, liking films etc. of every genre and decade. 8/10

Reviewed by atlasmb 8 / 10

a Very Enjoyable Christmas Story

If you are looking for a family-friendly Christmas film, consider this made-for-television movie about an elf who goes on a mission for Santa. The story is fairly predictable, but its joyful message delivers the best spirit of Christmas in an entertaining package.

The best aspects of the film are the performances of a strong cast. Summer Glau plays the elf, Christine, who Santa chooses to leave the Pole for a noble undertaking. It is Glau who brought me to this film, and she does not disappoint. After watching her performance, it is difficult to imagine another actor embodying the sunny essence of Christmas so well. Will Ferrell gave a solid performance in "Elf", but his Buddy was over the top; Glau, on the other hand, feels genuinely elfish in the Santa's helper kind of way, exuding goodness born of naivete and optimism.

Other performances worth mentioning are Eva LaRue's portrayal of Sara VanCamp, a mother who has lost sight of the important things in life, and Izabela Vidovic who plays the daughter, Ally, with intelligence and nuance. Finally, Steve Larkin plays Santa with an understated benevolence that pairs perfectly with Glau's big-hearted Christine.

This is a film worth watching every year.

Reviewed by hellraiser7 8 / 10

Elf for Hire

I'll admit I'm normally not a person that watches anything from "Hallmark" mainly because there simply not my movies, however this film is probably the only exception I'll make for them.

It's not exactly one of my favorite Christmas films nor a classic in my book, but all the same I like it because it has a fun charm to it as well as surprisingly made me care and feel good, but of course has an actress I really like is in it which makes it even better.

I like the story, it's a typical fish out of water story but it's one of those ones done right; it's almost a bit similar to the story in the claymation special "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" since that was about a Christmas character coming into contemporary reality and giving cheer where needed.

I really love the character Christine whom of course is played by Summer Glau. I'll admit what drawn me to the film is her since I've seen and a fan of "Firefly" and "Serenity", she is just fraking hot and a capable/underrated actress to boot. I really love her performance in this film, I bought she was an elf. Her character has charisma, has just this infectious charm that could just win anyone even by just a mere smile which on a side note is a great one, she's selfless, energetic and cheerful.

Two of the things I really like are how disoriented she is with real world customs, which makes sense since she is an Elf from the North Pole; and it funny how she tries to fit in which of course doesn't entirely work, from the way she behaves and certain things she does the supporting characters know she's a little strange. But just simply the humanity of her character which makes her three dimensional, the fact that she wants more in her life, which is a normal human trait with anyone. And of course she experiences both the ups and even the downs, when things are really down for her, you can't help but feel for her but that all the more makes us want her to win.

Supporting characters are solid, Eva La Rue also hot and yeah watched a little of "CSI Miami" her character Sara VanCamp is a mom whom is unfortunately all business, she is plenty successful in her career but shamefully doesn't equal toward her family life. She not a bad person the problem is her head is in the wrong place. She does care about her family but she doesn't spend enough time with them even when she should. And of course that mistake soon catches up with her. Her character also has humanity once this begins, she starts to let Christine in a little realizing she isn't happy and needs some help.

Another supporting is Dave Gariel (John Brotherton), I like that he doesn't look like a typical pretty boy, but handsome all the same. He's got a sort of rough charm to him, has some charisma, like that he's likes Chrismas just as much as Christine which is one thing they have in common. I do like the chemistry between both of them, it's not the greatest romance I've ever seen but I take it over any crap fest romance comedy/soap anytime. But both have a solid back and forth, I bought the developing relationship between the two sparks were flying, but I love the fact that he accepts her for what she is, sure Christine seems a bit strange but in a good way let alone she's not boring.

The film of course does have good messages about the importance of putting family first and also how everyone does deserve happiness.

Overall it's a solid simple Christmas film that's worth a watch.

Rating: 3 stars

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