Here After


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

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Cindy Cheung as Carol
Nikki M. James as Faith
Andy Karl as Michael
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dgen21 9 / 10

Intriguing and lovely styling.

From what I can see from the trailer, the concept is up my personal alley. Bit of a Ghost vibe but different. The actors look like they are going to really keep the audience engaged and the lines seem quick and punchy. I think Harry Greenberger, the director and writer, is a mighty fine artist and I believe he just might be delivering something unique for a viewer, that "sauve wa faire" that defines great films. Can't wait to see the full.

Reviewed by tue-67683 10 / 10

The perfect fantasy Rom-Com full of insight

I have waited a long time to find a smart, imaginative "rom com" with plenty of fantasy. I would include this film in the same league as "the science of sleep", which I loved very much. The writer & director is able to capture universal truths associated with love & loss. After a pandemic year of isolation in which we all faced our own mortality, there's something to be said for films that take a beloved and often easily digestible genre like romantic comedies, & twist them into something that can be moving, inspiring, transporting, fresh, & funny. This film is able to execute this wonderfully. It is as cute as it is poignant, exploratory as it is accessible, & unafraid to move through classic conflicts of morality, attachment, love, loss, & beyond while maintaining its wit & whimsy. This film dips into our nostalgia & desire without feeling forced or inauthentic. The acting was also fantastic & the chemistry between the actors makes for easy viewing. Bravo. I love this film so much & hope for more of this kind. It really spoke to me and the overwhelming thoughts so many of us have had to face in our search for meaning this past year. Highly recommend this film!

Reviewed by davidmartinpaul 8 / 10

Quirky fantasy relief and Debra Harry too...

A romantic/comedy for date night or any other time.

Genuine heartfelt performances by Tony nominee Karl, and Nora Arnezeder- who just might be the next "It Girl." Ricci is great as always and the special effects were done quite well. With all the violence in movies- give your mind a break and enjoy the ride.

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