Hidden in the Woods


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 507


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Michael Biehn as Oscar Crocker
Nick Bateman as Chris
Caitlin Keats as Costello's Wife
William Forsythe as Uncle Costello
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by turbotaurus 1 / 10

Horrible and laughable

Horrible acting along with a horrible story line. It's been a long time since I seen a movie this bad....

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

Un-hidden ineptitude

'Hidden in the Woods' cropped up in my recommended for you section and the concept was halfway interesting, though not an original one. Was not exactly excited and was somewhat apprehensive with the low rating and the few reviews as of present not being good, which has often lowered expectations and most films with both have turned out to be that bad.

Watching it, 'Hidden in the Woods' is another example of those films, one seen with not so high expectations that had things that made me cautious and sadly turned out to be that bad. The potential wasn't massive but what there was is diminished completely by beyond poor execution. Have seen far worse films, recently and overall, and it is not irredeemably bad, but of my recent viewings, 'Hidden in the Woods' for me is up there with the most ineptly executed films.

Its best, and only, saving grace is the sadistically creepy performance of Michael Biehn, the one component that saw any conscientiousness or effort.

This cannot be said for the acting of the daughters, which came over as wooden in some places and shrill in others, or even both in the same scene. Did not buy their situation or feel it, and if all the characters were better written that already would have made things better. None of the characters are properly developed or built up and they bore and irritate rather than endear and being rootable. Better writing would have helped, because the stilted, cheesy and limp script here seemed like it was written as an afterthought. The direction has no character or personality.

Furthermore, it doesn't even look good, with some of the most ineptly shoddy photography and editing to come my way in a while. The sound is obvious and intrusive, and yes that "Amazing Grace" rendition gave off an unintentionally creepy vibe and so monotonous. The story was the worst asset, no tension or suspense with gratuitous violence. Much of it is uneventful and dull and when things finally get a move on far too late into the film that is where things become rushed and the ending is not much of one at all.

Overall, another very bad film. 2/10 (1 has been a relatively rare rating recently and saved only for films and such with no redeeming merits or effort, Biehn's performance just about saves that from happening here) Bethany Cox

Reviewed by joshjack-35680 2 / 10

The original was a lot better

If you want to see a really good version of this film. Watch the original Chilean version. Its in Spanish with English subtitles but its a lot better than this atrocity. And Michael biehns acting was horrible. And i like Michael biehns acting too. But this was his worst.

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