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Reviewed by floatation man 8 / 10

Awful Full Moon cheese that still satisfies.

Here is the thing. You have to enjoy cheesy horror movies. To be delighted by the bizarre also helps. Hideous! is a weird movie involving collectable biological oddities preserved (mostly) in formaldehyde, a girl band in a cage rocking out, and a mutant born of noxious waste hell-bent on getting revenge or eating people or something. A quirky movie that entertained me to no end just by it's amusing oddness. The topless bandit didn't hurt either. If you like Full Moon Pictures, you will probably like this one. If the Puppet Master or Subspecies movies didn't do anything for you, then you should probably skip it. But, if you are ready to take a leap of faith and/or have a backup video at the ready, get a copy and set back on the couch for a bizarre evening.

Reviewed by Disembodied Brain 8 / 10

Deformed fetuses back from the dead

When sewage workers serendipitously discover a discarded and deformed fetus, several collectors of medical oddities vie for possession of it. Subsequently, the fetus, along with others in a collection, come back to life and begin wreaking havoc. The plot offers an interesting premise, as medical oddities are an exotic source of fascination, as well as a dark biological aesthetic which lends itself well to the horror genre, while providing an antidote to the sterile and plastic commercial culture which permeates the mainstream media.

While the viewer may be inclined to perceive the reanimated fetuses as the antagonists of the film, the real antagonists are the collectors - Elvina, Napoleon Lazar, and Dr. Lorca. They can be characterized as such because (1) they seek to obtain the deformed fetuses for their own personal collections, thus gratifying their own egos, whereas such preternatural specimens should be studied by science, or if such specimens are to be put on display, it should be a public exhibition in order to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the novelty-starved masses. Preferably, they should be in a museum, ideally one that specializes in medical oddities, such as the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. (2) They are antagonists because they continue their pursuit of the fetuses even after they discover that the specimens are not only alive, but sentient. Therefore, they would exploit the fetuses for their own gain, despite the fact the fetuses express (in the form of writing notes!) their preference to be left alone. This can be symbolic of how businesspeople view the consumer as a commodity - a means of improving one's "bottom line" - rather than as beings with their own desires. The deformed fetuses, therefore, are not antagonists but antiheroes. They only cause trouble once their desire has been disregarded. This film contains some creatively sexy scenes. Regarding sexual content, mainstream films tend to offer little more than mundane male-female sexual intercourse. B-movies often deliver a refreshing selection of uncommon/unnatural sexual scenes, serving to satisfy one's desire for an alternative to routine and unimaginative sexuality. "Hideous!" is no exception, and in fact, the sexual scenes make for some of the most appealing content of this film.

Reviewed by ethylester 9 / 10

good lord, this movie is NOT THAT BAD! it's GREAT!

PEOPLE! Get off your high horse and realize this movie rocks harder than any other "horror" movie from the 90's. (face it, 90's horror movies BLOW) It's better than Dead Hate the Living, better than all the Puppet Masters, better than any of those!! Hideous is an AWESOME movie and I could watch it over and over.

I am a sucker for horror comedies, however. Some people don't like these types of movies, which is understandable. But I eat them up like nachos. I love them. Hideous is the ultimate horror comedy. It's up there with Blood Diner, Blood Hook, Motel Hell, Sleepaway Camp and probably a bunch of Troma movies.

The acting is great. I love Napoleon. He has such a great look, a great face. The two collector men are hysterical! The way they talk to each other and the vocabulary they use cracks me up. They are so serious all the time and make such great facial expressions. I love the one guy's eyebrows!

Yeah, yeah, the gorilla face topless scene is funny, but it's NOT the only good part of the film! Far from! I found this movie highly entertaining, witty, rarely dull and full of surprises and great characters. I WISH it had done better on the rental market because I would totally buy all the action figures!!

LOVE IT! 9/10!

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