High Desert Kill


Action / Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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desert isolation human experiment strange behavior

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Marc Singer as Brad Mueller
Shailar Coby as Stan Brown
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Reviewed by Cal-37 9 / 10

An experiment in terror...

This is one film you don't want to miss! This could become a cult classic, if enough people would view it with the right attitude.

Here are some of my random thoughts:

The Cover: The cover has a cool looking design, even though it really has no resemblance with anything in the film.

The dialogue: Probably improvised by the actors as they went along. "What's driving all the animals away, is it the drought?" (As Chuck Connors and Anthony Geary are walking past a large flowing river, in a lush, green forested area)

Cinematography, editing: In one scene, where the guys are scattering Pauls ashes, the scenes alternates many times between overcast skies, with dim illumination to bright sunny skies, casting long shadows on the actors faces and surrounding scenery.

Chuck Connors, playing Stan, the "Professional Hunter": What was he thinking, taking on this role? The poor guy must have really needed the cash. He does all that he can with the material, however. His voice inflections and facial expressions are top notch.

The drunken party with the "Hippie Girls" is a classic. Many memorable moments.

Micah Grant, playing Ray Bettencamp: Why did they even bring Ray along on their hunting trip? He's not their friend, he's not a hunter, he's half their ages... But hey, he delivers some of the worst lines in the film, (and he had access to his dead uncle's 4wd vehicle) so its ok.

Reviewed by Movie Nuttball 8 / 10

A different movie that has the late great Chuck Connors!

The film is very different and good at the same time. Chuck Connors was great. Marc Singer was good and I thought he looked a lot like Kevin Bacon in the film.This movie looked at a different way of aliens. If you like Chuck Connors and strange films about aliens then see High Desert Kill!

Reviewed by algreen-15061 9 / 10

Best made for TV movie ever!!

I first came across this film one night when I was staying at a friend's house after a night out! All 3 of us drunk watched it an loved it!!! Yes it's very cheesy and has bad acting. But very suspenseful! And quite chilling. Also contains one of the funniest dance scenes ever in a movie! It took me years after to get a copy and that was on VHS. Think the full movie is now only YouTube.

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