Higher Love



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jake_fantom 1 / 10

A depressing and ultimately pointless watch

This unremarkable slice-of-life documentary focuses on the relationship between a man who is possibly an alcoholic, and his considerably younger girlfriend, who is most assuredly a hardcore junkie. They have a small child together, a toddler. Throughout the repetitive film, the girl wanders off into the nightmare city of Camden, NJ in search of drugs, which she pays for with money earned from prostitution. The boyfriend is then seen searching the streets for her. Eventually, he finds her, begs her to give up her addict lifestyle - and winds up giving her money to buy more drugs. While she is turning tricks and shooting dope into her body, the boyfriend takes care of their child and somehow holds down a job, if the narrative is to be believed. Eventually, the addicted girlfriend agrees to go into treatment - but surprise, surprise, instead she wanders off into Camden again looking to score. This time her beau has had enough and takes a job elsewhere in the country, taking the child with him. There are a few other minor characters whose trajectories are equally exhilarating.

For its entire duration, there is not a single insight into the process of addiction, nor mention of a single solution to the problem. We are just watching the victims of addiction gradually implode. There's more than a hint of exploitation here, as the misery of addicted and degraded human beings is turned into an hour or so of entertainment for the more fortunate. Ordinarily, I would have given this film three stars - it is well shot and the viewer can't help becoming involved in the central narrative - but I feel compelled to provide a counterpoint to the 10-star reviews from the usual one-time reviewers who likely have some connection, financial or familial, to the filmmakers.

Reviewed by joe-42309 10 / 10

Grim, close-up, gut-wrenching

Unparalleled access to a story that that too many of us know personally - friends/family trapped in a drug epidemic that destroys love and lives indiscriminately.... The only cliche I can think of to help describe the feelings I was left basking in after watching Higher Love is "Hope is the last to die"

Reviewed by stephen-47770 10 / 10

Compelling and Heartbreaking, A Must See Feature.

Having had the chance to see this film, I have not only learned so much more about the epidemic of the effects of drug addiction, but found that the compelling and heartbreaking story is all true. The film work, and the stories being told in this film, shoots it right to the top. If you see one movie this year, this is the one, because not only will you feel all of the feelings, but you will learn so much along the way.

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