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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chad-61313 1 / 10


My first review was deleted lol anyway, this movie imo made no sense. The acting was horrible with zero suspense whatsoever. Typical, predictable film trying to push an agenda and it's a total failure. Don't waste your time!

Reviewed by jm-vincent 1 / 10

Crushingly Boring and Derivative

The real star of this flick is the lovely Irish countryside and the lilt of the voices. Beyond that, the typical city-folk encounter rural folk who would much rather be alone and are homicidal in enforcing that desire. Fantastically boring and predictable. Experienced horror fans will know the plot from the beginning and can easily guess who will live and who will die.

Reviewed by shannon-bill 7 / 10

Nicely done.

Yeah yeah girl power (or is it grrrrrl power?) and all that ~rah rah.

Political correctness and all pushed to one side (preferably off a tall cliff) this was a well-made, well-acted and beautifully lensed flick!

The direction was perfect and so was the pacing. The characters were well-drawn and a couple of them were very 3 dimensional.

The ending was cathartic and the lead-up was somewhat emotional.

It's a well-trod path this type of movie but like the giallo or other formulaic genres of movie, if you get the tropes right and you pay attention to detail and direct and act with care you can create a movie that will last.

Well done.

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