Hindenburg: The Last Flight

2011 [GERMAN]

Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.4 10 1028

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Sönke Möhring as Paul Erdmann 2 episodes, 2013
Christiane Paul as Anna Kerner 2 episodes, 2013
Thure Lindhardt as Bastian unknown episodes
Alicia von Rittberg as Gisela Kerner 2 episodes, 2013
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3 hr 7 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by p-jonsson 6 / 10

Not bad...for a TV Movie

This two part TV-movie was part of a three movie box set of not so well known war movies that we bought for my son as a Christmas present. So far we have watched two of them and they have both been worthwhile to watch.

Unfortunately we found out that this one was one of those cheap DVD's that some arrogant French publisher had dumped on a DVD dubbed to French only. No original language and not even subtitles. That's just so crappy but unfortunately this used to be quite common with DVD's in France and there was no way of seeing it without opening the box set.

Anyway, the movie itself is actually not bad. It spans three hours split into two one and a half hour episodes. The actual story is pure fiction loosely based on the bomb conspiracy theories. It is a fairly okay thriller/drama story and, despite knowing that the zeppelin is going to blow up, I took enough interest to follow the characters throughout the movie.

It was fun to see Stacy Keach again as well. I always liked watching Mike Hammer when I was younger.

The visual effects are not bad. Some people are probably going to complain about historical accuracy. The available space for the passengers, especially their sleeping compartments, seems to have been "enlarged" somewhat for the benefit of the visual impression but that doesn't really bother me that much. It's a fiction movie based on the Hindenburg disaster, not a historical documentary after all.

The one thing that bothered me, apart from the French only DVD version, was the way too modern music in the movie. It's supposed to be a 1937 setting so that modern e-guitar stuff was simply disturbing. Very poor choice indeed.

Reviewed by benjaminlind 1 / 10

How to waste 10 Million Euros...

The Hindenburg disaster had interested me for years and there have been a number of good documentary features as well as a quite decent Hollywood movie. Now, RTL Germany wanted to impress its viewers with a 10 Million Euro spectacle of the tragic disaster - mixed with a lot of drama, suspense and love of course. What sounds quite intriguing at first quickly unfolds to a beginners guide on how to waste 10 Million Euros.

In the first minute of the film I was amazed, that the opening titles already contained the best images of the Zeppelin SFX Explosion - a thing which I would have saved for the very last. Then, the viewer has to endure annoying E-Guitar music for the first few scenes. This film is supposed to be set in 1937 so the musical choice is a definite let-down right from the start and continues to bother me as a viewer in repetitive manner.

The cast of the US-German production mainly consists of well-known German actors and internationally renowned names like Greta Scacchi, Stacy Keach and Lauren Lee Smith. Despite a good line-up of actors, the characters can only be described as boring and stereotypical which hints to a poor and uninspired script.

Although the plot is supposedly built around the Hindenburg disaster, the viewer is dragged for 3 long hours through an almost ridiculous storyline with a few twists and turns that eventually lead up to the films climax. The initial idea behind the script is good and would have made quite a nice 2 hour feature film - but not more.

My conclusion after having seen the entire film is simple: Too much dramatization, weak characters, a bad musical score but still nice Special and Visual effects. Nevertheless, effects don't necessarily make a good movie and giving a tragedy like the Hindenburg explosion the modern day "Disaster-Movie-Treatment" the way it was done here can only be considered as shameless and embarrassing.

Reviewed by c_rauen-1 1 / 10

Complete Work of Fiction - Heads up before watching this

A second re-telling of the Hindenburg disaster, however this time, the entire story is not just fictional, it's total fantasy, including much of the history surrounding the event and the airship itself, embellished with a lot of Titanic-esque scenes which over-glamorize the entire event. If you are a Zeppelin enthusiast, it's best to go into this film knowing this, or just skip the movie altogether. The filmmakers are obviously going for a young, hip audience here. The plot, again based on the theory that the ship was sabotaged, would have been more plausible had the script not been so laughable at times (both Captains Max Pruss and Ernst Lehmann, it seems, are intended to be shown as complete SOB's - they weren't, and it's a shame to see them portrayed in this manner), along with an amazing lack of attention to technical detail. This is not to say there was not a lot of attention paid towards nice sets and and good CGI; it just isn't accurate. The passenger accommodations are far too lavish, and the ship is shown in flight with all it's mooring ropes hanging down. And as fiery and dramatic as the real crash was, the special effects crew went a little overboard here, setting the control car ablaze and having an engine tumble several times with the propeller blade flying off towards the fleeing ground crew (again, a la "Titanic"). OK, cool and dramatic, but it never happened, so why add it in? The story would have been more fitting for a fictional airship, rather than one that so many people are already familiar with. Considering today's special effects capabilities, a good story about the Hindenburg could come off quite nicely, but this one comes up short. For a much more true-to-reality interpretation, check out Robert Wise's original 1975 version of "The Hindenburg" instead.

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