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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JeffALaws88 9 / 10

Incredible Slow Burn

I was shocked to see some really low scores for this film from users, until I read a review where they just hadn't understood and turned it off. If you're not in to slow burning thrillers this film is NOT for you!

This film gets more and more interesting as it goes along, I agree the beginning is a bit slow, but the pay off is stunning. I wish more people knew about this film so I could discuss THAT ending with them!

Sorry to seem vague but the less you know the better going in, it's totally not what you'd expect it's much better!

Reviewed by ajelinda-54738 10 / 10

Intriguing mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat

Predictable movies are boring. If you think you can guess the twist ending, you're wrong. If you're into slow-burn films filled with suspense and more questions than answers, this is the film for you.

Absolutely beautiful cinematography. Despite the entire film being shot in one room, it's not boring at all and you're intrigued the entire time. This is a young director that shows a lot of promise. He's very thoughtful and drops little hints throughout the movie. You probably need to watch it a few times to catch them all.

Reviewed by cpal-59408 10 / 10

Indie Masterpiece

I just finished it and it's incredible! It had me on the edge of my seat, gripping a cup of tea so hard I thought it would break...and just when I thought I figured something out it twisted or had me doubting myself. Still shook. Seriously good film! AND it does explain the title in the film for anyone confused lol

Bare in mind it's a slow burn, but it unravels so beautifully that I'll definitely watch it again.

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