Hit by Lightning


Comedy / Crime / Romance

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Jed Rees as Ben Jacobs
Will Sasso as Seth Gallagher
Stephanie Szostak as Danita Jacobs
Jon Cryer as Ricky Miller
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P/S 3 / 19

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Reviewed by intelearts 5 / 10

551st Review: A Rom-Com meets Film Noir

HBL has Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) as Ricky, a man entering his forties without love and soon without hair. Ricky and his best friend Seth (Will Sasso - MadTV) have been best friends forever and muse over the chances of each actually finding their soul mate. He just wants to find someone special - and he does in Danita (Stephanie Szostak). Ricky joins an online dating site and seems to have found his. Needless to say things aren't quite what they seem and soon Ricky finds himself in a quandary straight out of a 1940s film noir.

Hit by Lightning has a little too much a feel of TV about it to really fly, though it's got pace and a good script - personally I would have liked some filters and feeling of film, it is shot and lit very directly.

It is a nice movie to wile away some time to - Cryer is good in his way and this small film plays to his strengths - it's the sort of film that you can watch on a plane and enjoy.

Reviewed by shominy-491-652355 10 / 10

Hilarious, Hilarious, Hilarious!

We just rented this DVD, now we are going to have to buy it to rewatch again and again. This movie is hilarious from beginning to end! Jon Cryer and Will Sasso are absolutely hilarious. (Will Sasso is like David Koechner - you love every character he plays!) This film is as funny as 2 "modern" classic comedies "Rock Slyde" and "No Clue". Great cast, story, editing. Not a dull moment! Although it's a comedy, it has a mystery weaved into the story and that part will leave you on the edge of your seat! Highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves comedy and loves to laugh! Would love to see Jon and Will teamed up again!

Reviewed by watersshaelynn 7 / 10


I came across this movie randomly and decided to give it a try when I didn't know what else to watch. It's a funny movie and passes the time

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