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Will Smith as Hitch
Paula Patton as Mandy
Eva Mendes as Sara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 10 / 10


Hitch is an unusual person with a very unusual profession. His job is to create opportunities for men to hook up with the girls of their dreams. As a pro, he teaches them step by step, through the smallest detail, for the whole plan to have the most chances to succeed. While helping his latest customer, Albert, a clumsy bloke in love with a celebrity for whom he works, Hitch encounters a lovely gossip journalist who might just be his very own soul mate. But because she's determined to play "hard to get", he will need to try something different in order to prove his true love, especially if she's to find his true identity.

It's an extraordinary story, truly emotional and dramatic but also extremely hilarious. We follow his professional character as he flawlessly and almost without any effort helps his customers and the dramatic turn his life takes when he meets Sara. It's very well thought but also very well played. Will and Eva do a great job interpreting their roles, creating a great atmosphere for you to enjoy. Simply brilliant!

Reviewed by destinylives52 8 / 10

Funny Romantic Comedy

Manny's Movie Musings: Will Smith plays the title role in "Hitch," a debonair, love guru in Manhattan who helps out men completely lost on how to approach the women of their dreams. As Smith coaches a lovable klutz (played by Kevin James) into getting his dream girl to take interest in him, Smith meets and becomes very interested in a woman (Evan Mendes) who believes all men are dogs and true love is just a fantasy story. Although Smith's experience gives him an edge into breaking Mendes' mental wall, he will soon discover that the rules he created for himself and his students don't always apply. "Hitch" has all the elements of a good romantic-comedy movie: the main characters are likeable and they "meet cute"; things go well until a huge misunderstanding ruins everything; the problems are resolved in a funny and satisfying way by the end of the third act; the secondary characters are adorable and funny to watch; and the main players have great chemistry with each other. My most memorable, movie moment of "Hitch" is the scene when Smith has an allergic reaction to seafood and his face blows up as if he was stung by a thousand bees!


Reviewed by Juliette Betram 9 / 10

The Rom-Com you cannot miss

If "Hitch" has been one of those movies which has sitting in your Watchlist for a while or if you're just one of those who has no idea what's good on Netflix, well then there's no need to give it a second thought. Hitch is the definition of how funny and enjoyable Rom-Com should look like-- without regarding your age or gender. The script is funny, original and plus it goes smoothly with the flow of the entire film. As for the plot, it can definitely be labeled as something engaging for that it places you in the shoes of most of the characters with their different perspectives in life. In short it takes you through an interesting part of both cupid's and the target's life showing you how several humane mistakes can play to your advantage and disadvantage as well. No matter if you're alone or with someone else, if you wanna laugh, sigh, and close your day with a smile, this movie is the right one for you.

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