Hitler: The Last Ten Days


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Gabriele Ferzetti as Fieldmarshall Keitel
Kenneth Colley as Boldt
Andrew Sachs as Walter Wagner
Timothy West as Prof. Gebhardt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Well worth seeing for magnificent acting of Alec Guinness as a decrepit Hitler

Good rendition about the last days of Hitler with exceptional performance from Alec Guinness .This is the true story of the infamous Nazi dictator with his historic downfall . The story of Hitler's last days in an underground bunker gives insight to his madness . Here in the midst of his lackeys , the dictator played out the final act of his life . It's very well played by Alec Guinness who does a first rate acting . The film deals with the history of Hitler's last days in underground bunker , it's the true story of the historic downfall and death( 1945 at age 55 ) of the infamous Nazi dictator , culprit of death about 50 million people during second war world and killing of 6 million Jewish in concentration camps . The Fuhrer's last few tortured days in his underground bunker against a Berlin background and adding some documentary scenes from exterior . Hitler had height five feet, seven inches, eyes black, hair black, shaggy locks hung over forehead, complexion sallow, wide mustache, various hairs on each side, besides had marked devotion to brown shirts and old trench-coat and always surrounded by armed thugs and expert gunmen . He had demented gaze with tendency to become hysterical on slight provocation with delusions, particularly upon his place in history and his powers over vast numbers of people and addicted to public hysteria on race purity, he has known to throw himself on the floor and gnaw rugs,guttural voice apt to rise to shrill tones when excited or thwarted . He was a congenital liar suffering from dreams of persecution . Almost all these physical descriptions and particulars of Hitler are perfectly incarnated by Guinness . Thus , he plays him as sadistic, malicious , dangerous, vengeful, mystical and maniacal . Guinness's portrayal is the perfection in the Hitler role one would expect at least on the surface , he gives insight to his madness and with persuasive qualities of his interpretation . This flick is finely written and professionally directed by Ennio DeConcini , a prestigious screenwriter in his only film . Other adaptations about this historical character are the following : ¨Hitler(1962)¨ by Stuart Heisler with Richard Basehart, ¨Hitler : The last days(1958) by W.G.Pabst and the best is ¨The Downfall¨ by Oliver Hischbiegel with Bruno Ganz , furthermore for TV , ¨The bunker¨ with Anthony Hopkins .

The picture is correctly based on real events , adding more details , the deeds happened of the following manner : ¨Fuehererbunker¨ (Leader's Bunker)is the subterranean headquarter below the Chancellery and its garden in Berlin where Hitler spent his last days, from April 20 to 30, 1945 . It was constructed during WW2 some 50 feet below the ground . It could be reached through the New Chancellery by descending a stairway from the butler's pantry. There were two levels, on the upper level was a dining passage separating six rooms on each side . At the end of the central passage a curved stair led down to Hitler's own deeper bunker. This area had seventeen rooms , all small, cramped , and uncomfortable : Hitler's suite of three rooms, a map room used for conferences, the dressing room and bedroom of Eva Braun(Doris Kuntsmann), the bedroom of Dr Paul Joseph Goebbles(John Bennett) and wife (Barbara Jefford), the rooms of Dr Ludwig , lavatories and bathrooms, an emergency telephone exchange, a drawing room, guardroom, cloakroom and a dog bunker for Hitler's Alsatian bitch named Blondi, with her four puppies . Hitler spent hours before giant war maps, shifting colored pins about to locate units that no longer existed . By this time he was in a state of extreme nervous exhaustion : although only fifty-six, he moved as if he were prematurely senile. His health grew even worse the ministrations of his doctors. With the exception of Goebbles and Martin Bormann (Kingston), his secretaries and several others, his lieutenants began to desert him . He denounced Herrmann Goering for trying to usurp his leadership and Heimrich Himmler for seeking to negotiate with the count Bernadotte and Allied. Albert Speer his minister of Armaments and War Production , refused to carry out his orders for a scorched-earth policy. At last acknowledge defeat, the Fuehrer decided to leave the world in a gesture of Wagnerian self-immolation . In the early hours of April 29, 1945, he married Eva and immediately afterward dictated his last will and political testament, in which he justified his life and work . The next day he retreated into his suite and shot himself while Eva took poison to end her life. In accordance with his instructions, the bodies were dumped into a trough in the Chencellery garden,doused with gasoline and burned. From April 22 to May 1, 1945 , the following were present in the Bunker: Gen Keitel (Gabriele Ferzetti), Gen. Hans Guderian , Col.Von Below (Richard Pescud) , Gen. Alfred Jodl(Philip Stone) , Major Gen. Rattenhuber, Lieutenant Genen Fegelein (Julian Glover), Fraulein Junge (Ann Lynn) Dr. Ludwig Stumpfegger ( John Barron) , among others.

Reviewed by herbstnebel2ss 9 / 10

Well made and historically accurate.

"Hitler: the Last Ten Days" is beyond doubt the best movie ever made about Adolf Hitler's final days. The sets, uniforms and script are exceedingly accurate. I could find only two flaws regarding uniforms. Even the actors bore a remarkable resemblance to the characters they portrayed. I was somewhat disappointed with the casting of Doris Kunstmann as Eva Braun. Doris is far too beautiful. Britt Ekland would have been a much better choice. The exterior scenes, being shot in black and white accentuated the graphic realism outside the bunker as opposed to the color shots of the madness within. Most of the script is based on the writings of Rittmeister Gerhard Boldt (portrayed by Simon Ward as Hauptmann Hoffman). Boldt left the bunker just shortly before Hitler's suicide. The research done for the construction of the sets must have been awesome. Even an old cement mixer viewed in wartime photos is present. The bare concrete walls and luxurious furnishings cast a stark reality of the bunker interior. Regarding performances, Alec Guinness is of course commanding as Hitler. He clearly shows he is concerned about nothing except his place in history and how many followers he can convince to follow his lead of suicide as opposed to surrender. All the other roles, except Eva Braun's are minor as they should be. Goebbels comes across as the eternal lackey, who would rather his children die, than live in a world without Hitler. Bormann's sole concern is consolidating power in the Reich that is soon to be no more. The Generals follow orders as they have for years, and quarrel amongst themselves about who should break the latest bad news to the Fuehrer. All in all the film is quite entertaining and will definitely hold the attention of any history buff.

Reviewed by Pearsey 8 / 10

Alec Guinness' realistic portrayal

"Hitler: The Last Ten Days" is watchable chiefly due to the remarkable portrayal of the Nazi dictator by Alec Guinness. Guinness sought to portray Hitler as a man and succeeds in his efforts.

The opening credits, narrated by Alstair Cooke are noteworthy in giving a 5 minute history lesson bringing the viewer up to date - April 20, 1945 in the Berlin bunker of Adolph Hitler. The acts of Hitler in the final 10 days of his life, bizarre and murderous to the end, are worth watching only because of Guinness. He has the mannerisms and although I've never met Hitler, after watching this film, I felt that I had. The physical resemblance is startling.

Most frightening scene: Hitler's worst tantrum ever after finding out he had been "betrayed" by his generals. Alec Guinness goes from hysterical rage to sobbing "the war is lost" and makes you feel the terror his underlings must have felt.

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