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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atractiveeyes 9 / 10


Kosovo's official entry to 2022's Oscars is amazing, authentic, emotional and powerful. Its true story is beautiful, interesting and well written. It beautifully tackles important topics like how hard it is to be a strong independent woman in a sexist patriarchal society, and to wait for those who are lost in the war. All portrayed in a beautifully simple, real and moving way. Cinematography is stunning. Lead performance is Oscar-worthy. It's one of the year's best international films.

Reviewed by mazrekajalban 10 / 10

This story can be applied to all women in society

The film is beautifully made, has a perfect pace, is well acted and tells not only the story of a woman in Kosovo, but one that can be applied to many women in the workplace or society around the globe. I truly hope the movie gets out to a larger audience while I had the chance to watch it at the Zurich Film Festival.

Reviewed by random_jim 9 / 10

The strength of womanhood

Totally worth seeing. The strength, hardship, tolerance, stubbornness and dignity, integrity of these women fighting for whatever little money, the main character struggling to put food on the table, and being labeled a traitor! It's outrageous how the men sitting in their cafes doing nothing don't accept her willingness to work, so hard! And her children growing up in this environment one day they'll understand the work their mother proudly soldiered on for them. Knowing full well her husband wasn't coming back. Damn the war, all the pointless killings of men women children, the old the young, the unborn, such love and care comes out in the end, for the power of love will eventually prevail...xx.

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