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Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

A heroic Christmas

'Holiday for Heroes' is not the only Hallmark Christmas film to have a military theme. This didn't matter to me, as the military deserve so much credit for what they do and there should be no limit to show any appreciation. Which all the Hallmark Christmas films to have this theme do, some more so though than others and shall always appreciate the good intentions those films showed (others that spring to mind being 'Christmas Homecoming' and 'Operation Christmas').

Of those three, to me 'Operation Christmas' was the better overall film as it connected with me more emotionally and the central chemistry was better. When it comes to military representation accuracy, of the three 'Holiday for Heroes' perhaps fares best with it being the most layered and human. 'Holiday for Heroes' was a nicely done and very well intentioned effort with lots of admirable things. As well as a few things that could have been done better. As far as Hallmark Christmas films go overall, this is close to being one of the better ones and is easily one of the best of the 2019 Hallmark Christmas film output.

As said, 'Holiday for Heroes' is not perfect. The pace in the first third or so is a bit erratic, sometimes it jumps about but it also takes a while to get going.

Likewise with the chemistry between Marc Blucas and Melissa Claire Egan, which seemed disconnected to begin with but did warm significantly once the relationship developed. A bit stilted in the dialogue early on too.

Conversely, Blucas and Egan are both very well cast and very good here. Blucas especially and he is wholly deserving of the universal praise he's gotten for his beautifully restrained performance. Egan has had more of a mixed reaction for understandable reasons, she does start off rocky with some of her line delivery but once she settles she is very affecting and easy to like. The two came over realistically as characters, with flaws not being taken to extremes while showing some growth. The supporting cast do very well, with the standout being Latarsha Rose.

Furthermore, 'Holiday for Heroes' is a pleasant looking film with the scenery standing out in particular, while the soundtrack matches the spirit of the holiday and the film's themes very well. The script is neither too corny or over-serious, and doesn't come over as muddled tonally. Really liked its sincerity and heart. The story is very heart-warming and moving, even if it could have been tighter, and a good job is done showing the human side of the military and its loyalty.

In conclusion, not great but well done. 7/10.

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10

Lack of chemistry

This well meaning military Christmas movie is full of good deeds and caring for others. But there is something missing. There is a lack of chemistry between the lead actors. The actress seems high strung and uninvolved in the romance. The guy seems sincere but it's one sided.

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic 6 / 10

Holiday for Heroes

6/10 - sweet Hallmark flick will be one to come back to in future years

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