Holiday in Santa Fe


Comedy / Drama / Family

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Don Most as Mr. Rogers
Mario Lopez as Tony Ortega
Emeraude Toubia as Belinda Sawyer
Aimee Garcia as Magdalena Ortega
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Reviewed by Jackbv123 7 / 10

Based on the formula

This movie roughly follows the formula where a business executive, Belinda, is sent to close a deal on buying a family owned store. It appears to be the usual "evil corporation" who will ruin everything good about the store. The movie didn't make it seem that important for the Ortegas to sell. There were no huge debts threatening foreclosure, but the case was made that business wasn't sustainable the way things were going. So Belinda meets Tony, played by Mario Lopez and the usual romance story based on this premise takes off.

It didn't seem like these were strangers starting a romance, but Lopez and Emeraude Toubia have chemistry right away. It always seems to me that Lopez is well aware that he is a big deal and that shows implicitly in the story. Yet he is so upbeat and friendly that you can ignore that. Toubia also is very upbeat.

There's a plot thread where Tony's sister Magdelena, played by Aimee Garcia, lacks confidence in her own abilities. She vacillates between fun and energetic vs a sad faced downer. I think this aspect was overplayed a bit by the writers or director.

The climax and ending is drawn out, but predictable.

Reviewed by beachy-38431 9 / 10


Gia, Mario's daughter steals the show. Nice to see family emphasized. My son-in-law is Salvadorian and has 5 sisters. They took care of him during the Salvadorian civil war. I loved this movie and recommend it to anyone with family. I originally watched it to see Mario Lopez. I'm glad I did.

Reviewed by imdb-25288 2 / 10

Mario Lopez is dull as paint drying!

The story started well enough, with close-ups inside boo-teaks and that was the last good thing about this "movie". I changed the channel during the 2nd commercial break and really didn't see a reason to come back. When I did, just to write this, review, I found myself put to sleep by the ever dull Mario Lopez. Who told him he could act? He should go back to co-hosting with his wife, Kelly Reaper. Mario is creepy looking. I do mean what transpires in his face. His dull expressions, so yeah: that's something he can change. He always comes across as full of himself but he's boring to look at and boring-acting. The 2 stars go 1 to the stores and merchandise close-ups and the other star for the DP and whoever decided to film that. Very well filmed.

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