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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bl-telfair 2 / 10

IMDb should do something about these fake reviews

I saw an ad for this movie on a horror site. Came to IMDb and saw that it had a 6.5 rating on here. Reviews say how amazing it is. I watched it. It was awful. I assumed I was just trolled by fake reviews. I was. If you look at the positive member reviews, click on the name of the person who posted it. This is the one and only movie those "members" ever reviewed. Didn't even attempt to cover their tracks by throwing in some other random reviews. Nope, just the one.

The people behind this movie are trolls and their movie is awful. In fairness, it's my own fault for not doing making sure the reviews were legit. Lesson learned.

Reviewed by harryplinkett14 1 / 10

Let's bicker, act like idiots and split up!

1. You DO NOT need conflict in found footage films. People bickering, screaming, shouting, and so on do not add to the atmosphere.

2. You should not have people do idiotic things, separate in the dark or call out demons.

3. I CANNOT listen to hysterical women weeping any more. Just stop it! I can't stand it! No more women weeping and repeating nonsense!

4. No more people in dark woods filming stuff. Find something else.

5. If you are making a found footage horror then make it simple. Just put characters in a nasty situation, but don't make them act like idiots, don't introduce irritating conflicts between them, and don't give us painfully long stretches of footage where a person carries a camera in the woods and shouts 'Oh my god!' five hundred times in a row.

Yes, this film is utter crap.

Reviewed by the_silver_angel_13 1 / 10

What is better than this film? Birdwatching at Night.

I have watched numerous amounts of "handy-cam" and "found footage" movies, and more keep returning to the big screen- ever since The Blair Witch Project became a big hit. Before watching I try to start with a fresh mind, hoping to find that diamond in the rough. Sadly- this movie did not make the cut. Per usual to this genre, you get a small background to both events and characters in blips of "film footage". The day filming is more coherent however, than the night filming- where you will only find ambiance in the camera light. The movie rarely picks up pace; and it seems only to do so when people are screaming and running away for no apparent reason- other than seeing mangled animal remains, complete darkness, or a man's jacket. (I also didn't appreciate how the last 25 minutes of the movie was filmed in a car... Main shots were knees in that great ambiance I spoke of.) There is also brief nudity (cute blonde takes her top off)- which seems to be found in most B-Horror these days. In conclusion, if you enjoy people yelling for missing company, noises you would never really hear in the dark, and a lot of shots of tree branches, then I would suggest this movie to you! However, I would use considerable hesitation in doing so.

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