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Gary Galone as Mr. Skillin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by babybunger 9 / 10

Great character acting here!

As a fan of Holiday movies in general, both the good and the horribly horribly bad, this one was light and refreshing. I loved the artistic take of the puppet interludes but most of all Teya Patt was AMAZING!!!!! She was hilarious and the best part of this movie by far!

Reviewed by colorsourcexyz 8 / 10

A different Holiday movie.

Heads up ... this is not your typical Hallmark/Lifetime movie with near perfect main characters and a predictable plot! What it is ...is a really funny movie filled with quick witted dialog and a main character that can be quite the goofball at times. I laughed out loud throughout the whole movie. Great Maine scenery and a good supporting cast

Reviewed by apryla-58795 3 / 10

Bland boring and where's the bag of money?!

A puppeteer finds herself without work (imagine that) and must go home for the holidays in order to get back on her feet. While there she has a near death experience (because of course) and sees a vision of Santa burying a bag full of money. She comes to find out through more near death experiences that the Santa was her deceased grandfather. Turns out that back in the day he would go to a bar every Christmas Eve and celebrate with all the other Santas. One year there was some kind of issue with another group of men (didn't make any sense so I can't explain it) and there was a big kerfuffle and a bag of money got stolen in the process. The puppeteer goes on a quest to find the money with the help of her paintball fanatic Melissa McCarthy-esque childhood friend. Near the end when we are all ready for her to find the money she ends up at the Christmas tree stand to announce her love for her childhood friend (a goober that looks like someone familiar in disguise wearing a big prosthetic nose but it's the actor's real nose) but he's not there so she finds him at the local drive-in and declares her love for him and that's it.

During the closing credits we are given some kind of loose explanation for a clue about the money but we still aren't given a resolution. Was there money or not?! Is she gonna stay in town and marry the goober and sell Christmas trees the rest of her life? Will her best friend ever grow up? Will she continue to go into debt trying to get an ancient car to stay on the road rather than ending up at the town tow truck company? Will these actors ever work again after this film? Not likely but we just don't know. Not the worst I've ever seen but it's very lame and boring. Skip this one.

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