Homecoming Revenge



IMDb Rating 4.8 10 181

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April Bowlby as Isabelle
Deborah Twiss as Brook
Kim Director as Andrea

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomfsloan 6 / 10

Above average, entertaining TV movie.

Entertaining. But don't watch this movie alone. You need someone there to exchange sarcastic remarks with. The blonde was the protagonist and the brunette was the antagonist. Both women added respectable visual pleasure. It was nice that the movie started in with the plot action right away. No long drawn out beginning. It was also nice to see how realistic it was when the girl made a scene on stage. The kids on the floor just stared like deer in headlights. Notice when the one fell off and landed on the floor, her pose was exactly like those who take a fall in Family Guy. Twenty years later, as adults, the plot thickened right away as well. I won't comment on the red dress at the reunion, but wow. Another realistic aspect was the white board in the brunettes kitchen with her to-do list. It reminded me of Austin Powers list. I was waiting for her to write down "threesome with Japaenesse twins". The climactic ending was rather lackluster. Family Guy deja vu all over again. The final scene was predictably stupid. Two things to notice: the tasers are really strong. And is the principal the only adult who ever goes to the proms? Despite the flaws and plot holes, there were less than in the average lifetime movie. An important factor to me is that I don't want to be bored. There was no time that happened. Overall it was entertaining.

Reviewed by Carriexoc 1 / 10


How the hell this actually got green lit I've no idea. There's so many things wrong between script, acting, plot holes, everything....it's all just so wrong.

Just say NO.

Reviewed by solidabs 1 / 10


Horrible writers. How does this stuff get green lighted. My 10 year old even laughed at the husband hitting his head in the pool. The back of the head. Dont want to even write about how stupid that part is. You'll see. Principal involved in the reunion. Shaking my head. Sadly Bowlby's two and half men body has gone the way of the dinosaur. But Abbie Gayle is worth watching. Oh yea. Every florist will take an order for 10 dozen Rose's on the phone without a credit card . Lmao idiot writers.

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