Homeless Ashes



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul-securitybydesign 9 / 10

Captivating, thought provoking and spectacular creation

Where do i start! The visuals, from the small dark scenes to the Ariel shots were captivating and breathtaking at times. The visual scenes drew you in, then the delivery from the actors was captivating, drawing you further in. The scenes were often backed up with fantastic sound tracks that matched the cinematography and acting. The story makes you think how any of us could become homeless, one thing changing our direction and leaving us in a situation with nothing... Congratulations to Marc and his team, i am sure his next work will have the same passion and quality he gave to this film.

Reviewed by Salty1999 9 / 10

Homeless Ashes - Truth To Film-Homelessness, how did we get here?

There have been other films made revolving around the homeless. And we've seen the tents, cardboard shelters erected in allies, under bridges, the homeless sleeping in city parks, shopping carts that carry one's only possessions; but didn't you wonder how that person got to the place of homelessness-where hopes & dreams quickly vanished, lives shattered, trust turned to fear-often overnight?

In his film, "Homeless Ashes", storyteller Marc Zammit (with George Willcox, scriptwriter) takes the audience into the life of a young boy, "Frankie" (amazing actor in Hector Bateman-Harden), a runnaway to the streets, with his quickly packed backpack holding a child's prized possessions, after traumatized by a single tragic family event, no child should ever have to face.

Frankie now must adapt to a scary unfamiliar world filled with strangers holding on to the shadows of their own pasts, haunting them each and every day, doing whatever they can to cope, survive til the next day and the day after that.

Marc Zammit not only directs, he produces and acts-portraying the adult "Frankie", who has grown up on the streets. We get to know the people he meets-some good, some bad, and some ugly.

What's the adage- "Until you walk in someone else's shoes?"

The story is told by a remarkable, talented cast and crew who gave of their hearts, their talents into the making of this Indiefilm, taking 4 years to complete on a small budget with the help of a crowdfund by generous people coming together from all over the world because they believed in "Homeless Ashes". A film that will bring tears, for a time leaves you silent; but when you do talk about this film, and you will; do not be surprised to hear someone say: "I was or almost homeless once (or a son, or a daughter, brother, sister..)" "I couch-hopped", "I worked in the daytime for a tech company, slept in my car at night, no one knew" "We helped a family member with medical bills, used our savings, we were this close to homeless"

I applaud Director-Producer Zammit-a great film is made from the heart, and Homeless Ashes was made from the hearts of many. The homeless, their stories, finally told.

Everyone should see this film-"understanding the whys" is the first step that leads to combating a borderless, tragic human issue-Homelessness.

Part of ticket proceeds will go to homeless/domestic violence related orgs. Some in the homeless community were also cast in the film.

Reviewed by susie-161 9 / 10

Hauntingly beautiful

I was privileged to watch this film at the recent Raindance festival in London. Knowing this is an independent film, funded with determination, dedication and conviction by Londoner Marc Zammit - making his directorial debut, and taking on the challenging lead role - I am counting the days before this remarkable film finds international distribution. Homelessness is a global issue, and everyone should see this film. Zammit chose his cast with meticulous care, the performances of each and every one of them is haunting; from the sweeping score by Mark Wind to the magic of Richard Oakes' cinematography, writer George Willcox's dialogue transports you to a place you never want to go, and yet you become so invested in each character and each of their stories, you cannot fail to feel involved. I am not ashamed to say I cried....a lot. But more importantly, I no longer walk past a man or woman huddled in a doorway.

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