2018 [THAI]

Drama / Fantasy / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.3 10 1189

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yengkinchenlee 9 / 10

All the feels~

I'm currently placed to teach in Wang Nam Yen, Sa Kaeo (rural area), Thailand with one of my friends. We are making the most of our time here and always try to keep ourselves busy so that we won't get homesick. We decided to go watch this movie to buy some time before the night market. When we finished the movie we both walked out the theatre with heavy hearts and we were practically crying inside. Because this movie put a big emphasis on family. This movie made us miss our family so much......Overall, it was a great movie! it was a emotional roller coaster ride for us and we enjoyed every bit of it!

Reviewed by krit_git 10 / 10

An unpredictable masterpiece.

Good quality and fill with many emotion. The storyline is great and there are many good reason in it.

Reviewed by maximumskyrocket 8 / 10

Stunning CG and outstanding plot

Homestay impressively combinning movie genres: fantasy, horror, thriller, romantic, drama and comedy with the unusual plot and some outrageous twists will certain leave its viewers entertained.

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