Adventure / Animation / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 2.3 10 179

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Tom Green as Principal Ashford
D.C. Douglas as Rolf
Dylan Vox as Thomble
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martin-busek 1 / 10

Money laundering?

Is it possible that someone made this to launder money? I have no other explanation. Why would anyone invest money in a cheap copy of Pixar film?

Reviewed by chrimelia 1 / 10

I can't beleive that scam of a movie ....

So they got the right to rip off the characters from other movies now ? ? Dude don't watch that movie for it is made fraudulusly without any respect for the real artist who created these awesome characters. Shame on them ! ! $%$&##

Reviewed by niceboi-69420 4 / 10

Homeward: A movie only made because Onward is a thing

This movie is one BIG piece of burning garbage, with messy, glitched animation, decent at best voice actors and a overall big sign saying "WE ONLY MADE THIS BECAUSE DISNEY AND PIXAR MADE ONWARD!" However compared to The Asylums other "masterpieces" it's a decent movie, with a simple, but nice plot with some fun moments, along with some of the animation being....fine. Overall this movie is a step up in animation for this company, however it's still a super shameless cash garb, which you shouldn't buy if you see it...unless it's $1!

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