Hong quan xiao zi

1975 [CHINESE]

Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 322

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10

No shaolin

Guan Feng-yi (Alexander Fu Sheng) and Huang Han (Chi Kuan-chun) are a yin-yang of heroes. Where Guan Feng-yi is an impulsive young man ready to fight at any time, Huang Han is dignified and given to deep thought. The Chinese title - The Hung Boxing Kid - makes more sense as this isn't really a shaolin movie. It really resembles two other movies that Chang Cheh directed for Shaw Brothers, The Boxer from Shantung and The Chinatown Kid.

Together, the heroes protect a textile mill from a rival mill owned by a ruthless Manchurian lord. However, the lure of money and power may be too much for one of our leads. While Guan Feng-yi once only wanted shoes for his feet, he soon learns that the world can pay him so much more.

The really crazy thing about this movie is how many Italian movies it takes its soundtrack from. There's Gianni Ferrio's "Crescendo Trionfale," "Step by Step," "Anonima Assassini" from La Poliziotta; Claudio Mattone's "Celio in Amore," "Tema di Nico, pt. 4," "Arioso," "Cugini Carnali" and "Tema di Nico" from Cugini Carnali; and Ennio Morricone's "Alone in the Night" and "Anger and Sorrow" from Death Rides a Horse.

Reviewed by poe426 9 / 10

Kung fu's 99%...

Kuan Fung Yi (Alexander Fu Sheng) is a hot-headed mill worker who wants more out of life than a dawn to dusk shift... You know, some of those little perks the 1% enjoy- like shoes... Take it from a former factory worker: it's dehumanizing; one is little more than a cog in a machine (a replaceable cog, as the owners never tire of pointing out to workers). Fung's death is shown in black and white- no doubt to appease the censors at the time of the movie's release (and, not unlike the red-tinted sequences in Chang Che's HEROES TWO, these scenes feel oddly out of place). Just how disinterested is his boss in Fung's welfare? When he's told that Fung has died, the boss rushes to check on his fighting cricket (which he had named after Fung). Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks the 1% really care.

Reviewed by ckormos1 7 / 10

Are we crickets or are we men?

Would you believe this movie has nothing to do with Shaolin? That's no surprise to fans of the genre. Fans will also recognize the set of the silk mill that was trashed in a previous movie, 1974 "Men from the Monastery". Fans will certainly recognize Alex Fu Sheng. A better title for the movie would be his name. Alex costarred in some of Chang Cheh's Shaolin temple movies but here the movie is all about him.

His fate becomes linked with a fighting cricket. They share the same name and more.

The fights in this movie have both quantity and quality. Some might say the story runs a bit long. There is a montage after the final death. This seems to be over the top to anyone watching it today. Consider though, in the movie's theatrical release the ladies in the audience would have been brought to tears by that scene. One weird fact about these Shaw Brothers martial arts movies from the 1970s is that the audience was typically filled with middle aged married women. They were there for the beefcake. (The "Chippendales" show was far in the future!)

Real action choreography goes beyond a good fight to watch. The action should advance the story or reveal character. When the audience sees Alex fight in this movie they also see his character being revealed.

This movie is above average and mandatory viewing for all fans of martial arts movies of the golden age from 1967 to 1984.

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