Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.



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based on short film

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Regina Hall as Trinitie Childs
Sterling K. Brown as Lee-Curtis Childs
Nicole Beharie as Shakura Sumpter
Austin Crute as Khalil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chenp-54708 5 / 10

We Can Honk for Jesus, but the Soul isn't able to be Saved

Saw this back at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

"Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul" is directed by Sisters Adamma Ebo and Adanne Ebo which is the story about in an aftermath of a huge scandal, Trinitie Childs, the first lady of a prominent Southern Baptist Mega Church, attempts to help her pastor-husband, Lee-Curtis Childs, rebuild their congregation. The Ebo sisters had previously made a short film also called Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul. This movie relies on religious satire and humor about the church system involved with the black communities. All the performances were great especially Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown sells the entire movie. The presentation of a mockumentary style fits perfectly to the tone and presentation. There are some really good camerawork throughout the entire movie but the decision to keep changing the aspect ratio gets annoying the time and time it goes on. Aspect ratio changes during the movie is alright if they serve a purpose but this movie doesn't have a purpose to keep changing it's aspect ratio.

Many of the jokes and references about religion, church, politics, and such are seemingly big misses and it didn't land well with the story as much. The story is unfortunately the most bland and basic story that a satire could choose and because of the bland narrative, it doesn't really feel like a satire but more of a bland comedy. I am not religious but I think maybe if I was religious, I probably would like the movie more. None of the characters are as engaging as I hoped for. Everyone felt like paper cuts from a basic book you find in high school that is hidden away from the public.

The Ebo Sisters definitely have talent but honestly, I prefer the short film version they did.

Rating: C+

Reviewed by msbreviews 3 / 10

Maybe viewers with a deeper connection to religion and how the American "church system" works will find it more entertaining...

If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free thoughts, please follow my blog to read my full review :)

"Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul carries tremendous potential as a religious satire, but besides Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown's dedicated performances, it's hard to find other enjoyable components.

Except for two admittedly hilarious sequences, the vast majority of jokes and references about religion and the church don't land at all. The bland dramatic storyline takes itself way too seriously, negatively affecting the balance between the different types of narrative.

The idea behind the distinct aspect ratios makes sense on paper, but its repetitive, constantly switching execution becomes more frustrating than anything else.

Maybe viewers with a deeper connection to religion and how the American "church system" works will find it more entertaining..."

Rating: D+

Reviewed by Inthebiz80 2 / 10

More false advertising

What could have been irresistible comedy, with perhaps some social commentary, Mr. Peele can't help himself from wrecking it with gratuitous graphic sex and moralistic preaching.

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